Oops. Sunrise producer slaps down tabloid’s Kochie “no-show.”

Daily Mail accuses Kochie of avoiding the spotlight, without realising he doesn't work on Fridays.

Sunrise executive producer Michael Pell has hit back at the Daily Mail after a week of articles linking David Koch to an apparent ‘elbowing’ by ex-Married at First Sight participant Martha Kalifatidis.

Kalifatidis took to social media earlier this week to complain about the Sunrise host joking on air that he copped an elbowing from her in the flurry of the Logies red carpet.

On social media she claimed she had since been subjected to online abuse as a result. The supposed-feud has provided colourful editorial / clicks all week for media obsessed with former reality cast (at least until The Bachelor comes along?).

Mid-week Koch said, “Maybe I put myself in a dangerous position between her and a photographer… and for that I apologise.”

Yesterday the Daily Mail suggested Koch was avoiding the blowtorch of attention by not appearing on Sunrise at all.

But Pell took to social media to remind all fascinated parties that Kochie simply doesn’t work on Fridays.

As TV Tonight revealed back in 2017, Kochie was reducing his hours due to his sporting & business commitments.

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  1. Apparently the MAFS ‘stars’ weren’t even in the showroom/auditorium. They were trotted out on the Red Carpet and then had to go to a bar at the casino and watch the Logies on TV. When Tom Gleeson had a crack at MAFS in his opening monologue, the camera panned to the psychologists from the show, but not a ‘starlet’ in sight. No wonder Mouthy Martha elbowed her way in front if the camera, it was her only opportunity to be seen.

  2. DM is also reporting that H & A us to be axed or bumped, because it loses when up against MAFS, but it’s up against ACA, not MAFS lol. Maybe robots are writing the copy at DM these days 😉

  3. Sure, Friday’s DM article got one crucial fact wrong. However, I’d certainly like to know the other side of the story. Sunrise got plenty of mileage out of it throughout the week and it has had attention elsewhere so it’s hardly a “non story”. I suppose it becomes a “non-story” when it paints the Sunrise people in a bad light and they lose control of the narrative. I have no doubt Pell has engaged Seven’s lawyers to issue threats to have it shut down.

      1. If they weren’t looking for mileage out of it why’d Sam and Kochie keep bringing it up? It got Sunrise attention from media outlets across the week. Nothing like a bitch fight with a reality star, from Nine no less, to make an ageing breakfast TV host appear relevant to a younger audience. They knew what they were doing.

        1. I haven’t seen every instance but I believe they were responding to excessive press. I was pretty reluctant to give it any oxygen, but when media is getting basic info wrong and fashioning it into an angle then some things need correcting.

  4. How exactly do you get a week’s worth of stories from a half-second incident on a red carpet involving a former reality star I’m sure even the biggest MAFS fans could barely remember now? Maybe I’m the wrong demographic for this type of story, but surely there are bigger showbiz stories and actual celebrities to report on.

  5. Kochie as his producer has said is never there on a Friday. I can’t believe this story is still going on. Seriously the sunrise team have more credibility than someone on a reality show who is still trying to get there 15 minutes of fame.
    Anyway good to see the good old daily mail are up to date on tv hosts and when they work.

  6. I absolutely understand someone’s need to clear or set the record straight, however, after so long, and so many articles, one would think that silence is the best response or way forward.
    The Sunrise crew, more so than the 2019 Today crew, appear to be very sensitive and bite back at every chance. This just feeds the click bait websites.
    Michael and the blonde (don’t know her name) really need to calm down and move on.

      1. In terms of Micheal, you are correct but Samantha (i remembered) i think needs to rise above it. He was passionate about making sure he corrected them though which shows it has been weighing on him and most likely the team.
        Personally for me comments of any kind give rise or a ‘stature’ to the magazines/websites. somewhat like responding to a terrorist gives them credibility. Just my opinion.

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