Pete & Courtney win House Rules 2019

Melbourne couple Pete & Courtney have won House Rules 2019 with a near perfect score of 29 / 30.

The Grand Final challenge was to create a luxury loft in just seven days, with the pair defeating Melbourne chippies Tim & Mat on 27 / 30. South Australia’s Lisa & Andy came third with 26/30.

The married dancers walk away with $250,000 and a fully transformed home and garden.

Pete said “It is completely numbing; it has been a rough ride and an amazing ride. We just can’t wait to go home to a beautiful, beautiful house that these five amazing teams did for us. We are so grateful.”

Judge Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen said, “You two have without doubt created some of the most memorable spaces this season, what you did for the final was to focus on your personalities, you really understood this idea of luxury.

“When you are real, when you are you, you do something that makes me so ridiculously proud of your abilities. “

Runners up Tim & Mat said, “We obviously adore Pete and Courts and we adore all the other teams; win lose or draw I was always going to walk away cherishing the friendships that I’ve made.”

Jamie Durie said of the brothers, “Without a doubt that bedroom is the finest room I have ever seen in House Rules. The kitchen was amazing, the courtyard had a couple of hiccups, but I’ve got to say I was just so taken with everything you did. It would be remiss of me when I put all the rooms together and think about all the effort to give you anything less than a 10.”

Wendy Moore said of Lisa & Andy, “I just cannot believe what you managed to achieve, six rooms in one week. I cannot imagine when you first entered the competition that you dreamt you were even capable of that. You did just a spectacular job. This is by far the best work you’ve done, and I love that you’ve left it to the Grand Final.”

Seven has already thrown open casting for Season 8, you can apply here.


  1. Returned from holiday to see this win and devastated as the brothers truely deserved to win this! Complete disappointment with these judges. The boys were a strong team from the beginning to the end. Not watching this show again!

  2. So glad the brothers didn’t win, they became very selfish and where all about what they wanted regardless of what the other teams wanted.

    Would have loved to have seen Lisa and Andy win, they where the underdogs and have improved week after week.

    I hope the next season isn’t rushed through like this one and we get to see more of the renovation process. I think they need to find a new interior design Judge to replace Jamie Durie, he seems so out of place and should join the judges to help judge the garden phaise

    • I liked Jamie in this role, he wasn’t afraid to speak out, and he often commented from the ordinary person’s perspective, not the out-of-touch designer’s. I didn’t see any selfishness in the boys, just ultimately frustration as the other teams tried to trade on their natural helpfulness. Lisa and Andy did well in the final, but should not have made it past the garden stage. It was a pity the show eliminated Katie and Alex (for living too far away) because they were the only team who could have matched the boys in the end.

  3. The brothers really should have won…Wendy said best room ever….and yet…oh well congrats to Pete and Courtney and am very glad 7 wasn’t able to make anyone out to be a nasty team.

  4. House Rules started copying The Block again this year with their weekly challenges for cash, and also the final “challenge apartment”. What happens to that warehouse home they just did up? To be sold by Seven to recoup costs?

    • It seemed like a pointless reno, with no explanation, and 17 rooms rushed through in a single episode. There was no chance for the viewer to become engaged with the building, and therefore it could be (and was) designed as disastrously as they wanted. No home owner to consider, no needy family to please.

  5. So you will win the interiors and exteriors, Shauna states one of your rooms is the best of the entire series and Jamie best of the season and you still lose. That bedroom, bathroom and laundry were hideous yet they got tens. Just wow.

  6. Over the series Mat and Tim should have won but heading into the final it was anyones game and as HeyJude said despite the editors best attempts there was no stand out villain and no undeserving winner.

    That said it would have been just desserts if LLB had revealed a score of 3 at the end.

  7. Like many many others I was very disappointed the boys didn’t win but it always looked to me like the show was trying to make Pete and Courtney the villians of the piece and it just didn’t come off. First time I have seen a reality show when everyone got on so well. Congrats to them !

    • Interesting to have a different viewpoint. I saw clear attempts to make Shayn and Carly the villains which also failed. All the teams were too nice (or too savvy) to fall into the traps.

      Still, as you say, on sheer quality of work and talent, the boys were miles ahead.

  8. Everything about the final confirmed that Pete and Courtney had been determined as the winners well in advance. The first clue was whining their way out of the tent, and since then they have been preferenced by the judges at every point. Even a massive zone failure scored well.

    The Finale was flat and uninteresting. The loft apartment seemed to serve no purpose, and was decorated hideously to a standard that was beyond the talents of any of the teams (clearly a professional designer). The scores mismatched the comments, and the wrong team won. Very sad ending to what started as a promising season, with a lovely vibe of nice contestants.

  9. I have to say, what a joke the 2 brothers Tim & Mat should have killed this, the judges comments about P & C laundry, it was so dark it made the room look like a dog box, they wine rack should have had the bottles mounted at an angle so many mistakes. I would engage any of those judges to do work for me they don’t seem to have much of an idea. The home owners loved the work and the judges trashed it over and over again.

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