Pia Miranda joins Australian Survivor

Last December actress Pia Miranda (Wentworth, Mustangs FC, The Time of our Lives, Looking for Alibrandi) told TV Tonight she would love to appear in Survivor.

No doubt producers spotted her interest, given she is confirmed as a Champion in the upcoming Australian Survivor season (you’re welcome!).

“I know actors aren’t meant to like reality but I’m a massive Survivor fan,” she said in her What I’ve Been Watching article.

“I never miss a season. I’m having so much fun watching Mike White on the current US season that I’m squealing at the television! I also loved the last season of Australian Survivor, I thought it was so great…..I’m not sure I could go that long without a bowl of pasta and a set of tweezers. Also if I didn’t make the jury I would be DEVASTATED! I’d never get over it.”

10 also recently announced two other Champions:

Former AFL player Simon Black:

“The combination of physical and mental challenges seemed like something that would stretch me as a person. The gamesmanship will be a big challenge, but I am very excited to get out there and I am going to do my absolute best.”

Season Two fan favourite, Luke Toki:

“I’m gonna play hard and take the piss out of people. I really believe I have the tools to win. I am willing to die out here to win, haha.”


Janine Allis, Boost Juice CEO, Shark Tank
Steven Bradbury, Olympic speedskater
Andrew Ettingshausen, ex NRL player, TV host
Susie Maroney, marathon swimmer
Ross-Clarke-Jones, surfer
Nova Peris, Olympic hockey player, ex politician
Simon Black, ex-AFL
Pia Miranda, actress
Luke Toki, fan favourite


Sarah Ayles, cleaner
Matty Farrelly, pro wrestler
John Eastoe, gold miner
Daisy, travel agent

Wednesday, 24 July at 7.30pm on 10 and continues, Thursday 25.


  1. As much a massive fan I am of the Aussie version, I’d like more focus on the Contenders or non-celebrity castaways. This season is running far too close to being a carbon copy of the last and I would hate to lose my enthusiasm for it. I’ve love to see next season being a completely new cast of unknowns.

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