Returning: Foreign Correspondent

Foreign Correspondent returns to ABC in early August.

In the season return, Craig Reucassel investigates the future of food, where plant and animal cell-based substitutes challenge America’s multi-billion-dollar meat industry.

Episode 1: “High Steaks”
Will Silicon Valley kill the cowboy?
America’s multi-billion-dollar meat industry is threatened by meat substitutes that promote themselves as healthier and more environmentally friendly. The industry is fighting back, pumping huge sums to stop start-ups marketing their products as “meat”. But it’s also having a bet each way, with some giant meat companies sinking serious money into plant and animal cell-based substitutes.

Craig Reucassel rides with slow-talking Texas cowboys who decry the “fakery”, visits the Silicon Valley labs which are driving this food revolution, and persuades hard core carnivores to blind taste the real thing and the substitute product.

8pm Tuesday August 6 on ABC

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