Returning: Gourmet Farmer

Sustainable farming – how hard can it be? asks Tassie’s Matthew Evans.

Season 5 of Gourmet Farmer begins next month on SBS, with food back in a Thursday timeslot.

Matthew Evans says, “The show, as always, reflects our trajectory in life, and series 5 is all about the future. Can we grow more on the same land using clever ideas rather than bought in fertiliser? What used to grow here and can we use native plants in the kitchen to even better represent our corner of globe? Can we keep our blackberries at bay without using poisons? Will we be able to grow food here, in good topsoil, in a hundred years? A thousand years? Ten thousand years? And, in the meantime, what can we harvest for dinner tonight? The joys of growing, harvesting, coking, underpinned by stewardship of the land, how hard can it be?”

SBS Commissioning Editor Entertainment and Food, Josh Martin says “For anyone who has ever dreamed of leaving the city for a simpler, quieter life, this brand new series of Gourmet Farmer will delight and educate in equal measure. It’s taken over a year to film this series because it’s about real people with real lives, solving real problems – and yes, eating real food. Food is the great unifier, and we’re thrilled that once again Matthew has invited cameras back on to his farm to share his family’s amazing journey.”

The 10 part series has been  produced by Essential Media.

Have you ever asked yourself – what does what you eat, eat? If not, now is the time! Nine years since starting his Gourmet Farmer journey and wearing many hats during this time, Matthew Evans returns with the fifth installment of the much loved SBS series posing this very question.

Farmer and Chef Matthew Evans realised a long-held dream when he built his farm-to-table restaurant on his 70 acre Fat Pig Farm, but the quality of his food is only as good as his farm soil. In this series, Matthew takes up the brand new role of rehabilitator of the land and sets out to answer the question – can we live off the land sustainably without destroying it for future generations? From what his animals graze on, to the earth his fruits and vegetables grow from, he sets out to find out what part soil plays in how healthy food is.

Matthew welcomes viewers into his life as he explores new ways to farm his food in harmony with the land. Shot over the course of four seasons, this 10-episode series sees Matthew design and refine a long-term regenerative agricultural plan to maximise the land he can sustainably farm. Starting from the ground up to transform his food and farm, Matthew wants to leave it more productive and healthier for future generations of farmers to come. From foodie to farmer, to chef to rehabilitator of the land, it’s one man versus nature… How hard can it be?

8pm on Thursday, 1 August and SBS Food at 8.30pm on Friday, 2 August.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I am in awe of this mans journey…I use to read his food reviews….and then suddenly …he is a farmer….then married….and baby….it is mind boggling….What a journey it has been….loved every minute of it.

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