Returning: The Son

US western The Son, starring Pierce Brosnan, returns to SBS at the end of the month for its second season.

The 10 part series will screen on Wednesday and Thursday. This aired in the US in April.

Eli McCollough (Pierce Brosnan) will stop at nothing to secure his legacy against the backdrop of the nascent oil industry in 1917. However, the biggest challenge he faces will be quelling a civil war under his own roof, triggered by his idealistic son, Pete.

Episode One: Numunuu
Wednesday, 31 July at 10.25pm
McCullough Ranch, 1988. An old woman, whom we come to recognize as 85-year-old Jeannie McCullough (now going by Jeanne Ann), is surprised by her staff with a birthday cake. She gives a speech about family and legacy, and we can tell she is a lonely woman. Her staff has replaced the tight knit family of McCulloughs from the past.

Episode Two: Ten Dollars And A Plucked Goose
Thursday, 1 August at 11.00pm
It is Christmas 1915, and Eli uses the opportunity of the family holiday party to announce the homecoming of his favourite son – feeding the crowd the same made up story about Pete being a hero that he told the family.

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  1. I watched the 1st series when SBS repeated it late night a few months ago-always puzzled me that Brosnan’s character would have to be at least 79 or so in 1915 (and have lead a very hard physical life with it) and yet he was still busy massacring away with the best of them!

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