SBS on Demand: Sexplora

Canadian documentary Sexplora will screen a SBS On Demand from today.

This will screen in French with English subtitles with all three seasons available.

Sexplora explores sexuality with both an irreverent and scientific bent. Like coitus interruptus following thirty minutes of orgasmic television focused on sex and IQ, the series cover various unequivocal topics including orgasm, masturbation, vulva, fetichism, libido, and the penis. In each episode, we entice scientists of all genders to try and better understand where our basic instincts stem from.

Faced with theoretical knowledge backed by practical experience and illustrated by experts in the field, host Lili Boisvert receives surprising and instructive answers to her many questions.

Monday, 15 July 2019 on SBS On Demand.


  1. Was shown last night late 11.30 or so on SBS 2 following the porno doc ‘A Girl’s Guide To Porn’-the New York Times report shown later would have had minimal appeal to an Australian audience.

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