Seven adds openshop channel

Seven has signed an agreement with Australian Shopping Network-owned openshop channel.

With a focus on Beauty, Jewellery, Fashion, Technology, Home and Health, it will launch on Channel 75 on August 1.

openshop will be an MPEG4 channel in standard definition and will initially transmit to five metro cities and regional Queensland, as well as through online and a dedicated app.

Presenter Nikki Vincent told TV Tonight, “People love home shopping because it has a sense of community. A lot of people out there are isolated and might feel alone, we bring them in to have a sense of family that they belong to something it’s very inclusive.

“Home Shopping gives a sense of joy and inclusion and to be able to shop from your home is the best of both worlds. They get an introduction to products that they might not get in a retail outlet or online, we spend time talking through each detail of every product and they get the education that they might not get in a hurried environment.”


  1. We need an education program to teach people how to block channels properly. I see so many (mainly older people) who have no idea that they can filter their tv. Instead they wade through the masses of channels, and in the end are overwhelmed and just flick between the old four that they know.

    Plus, I would love to mandate that motels/hotels etc have to block the rubbish channels. Yes, I know that won’t ever happen, but I will still keep trying to get around their parental locks to fix it.

    • If you can, not everyone can, switch to streaming or chromecast or telstra tv etc – then all channels will be in HD. You’ll need another option if your into watching AFL on 7 though, that’s the only gotcha.

  2. I do prefer the shopping channels that have presenters to showcase the items and not the prepackaged infomercials.

    Though, it would be good if there could be some free-to-air music video channels on Freeview, like they have in the UK. For example, Now 90s, Now 80s, Kiss TV & Magic. A possible idea could be to put up all the G/PG rated music videos from the ABC archive, for example, onto the mediahub and have music videos on shuffle 24/7.

    A 24/7 music video channel is sorely missing from Australian free-to-air. If they’re broadcasting them in the UK Freeview, that should be a precedent for Australian Freeview.

      • It will happen eventually, so they might as well start sooner. It’s a natural progression, considering that music video channels on free-to-air had emerged in the UK, along with news, movies, sports, children’s and shopping channels.

  3. Too many channels for one network, ACMA should crack down! Nine’s YourMoney failed, so how is this going to be any better?

    Feel for Seven’s promotion department, having to make promos now for at least two or more prime time shows, every single night, for 7 channels (?), usually multiple versions of each (long and short) and for different days “Monday”, “tomorrow”, “tonight”, “next”.

    Must churn out hundreds each week or fortnight!?

    • If it’s going to be the same kinds of one-hour product ads that you get on 10’s TVSN and Spree, there will be no advertising for it on Seven’s other channels.

    • When 7 do their now/next promos, they only ever talk about 7, 7Two and 7mate. I don’t believe they do promos for 7food and 7flix on the other channels, but I could be wrong, it’s not like I watch 7 all the time

      The racing and shopping channels speak for themselves in terms of what content is on.

  4. As if 10 having two shopping channels wasn’t enough. The overnight timetables on 7, 9 and 10 are already 3-4 hours of “Home Shop” every night, all networks showing it at the same time. Do the companies advertising their products really make that much money off TV home shopping?

    • I was once sent a ratings report by accident that showed all channels and all times (I think it was called the “thousands” report) and was surprised to see that Home Shopping shows (Seven, Nine and Ten 1-4am-ish) rate around 15-20k at the time. More than some shows at the same time and other times that are not “Home Shopping”. The networks make money from the companies “advertising” while the companies themselves make enough sales to exceed what they spend on advertising.

      Might be different now, this was nearly 10 years ago when I was blogging for TV. I didn’t talk about it at the time in respect for agreements with OzTam.

  5. Andrew Mercado

    If networks want to start extra channels that are advertorials, they should be made to move all of these Home Shopping crap shows onto that network and leave the other channels for actual shows.

  6. Let’s see how quickly Prime start to broadcast this station when they haven’t started broadcasting 7flix yet. Such a waste of bandwidth.

    • No 7Flix here either with Southern Cross.

      Channel 7 stuffed 7Flix anyway. It was originally in h.264 (MPEG4 AVC) like this new shopping channel and the HD channels. It was SD though, the issue was the audio. They used low bitrate AAC-HE that most TV’s don’t/didn’t support because it’s crap. They can still decode it, but the audio is only mono. The audio was only 64 kbps, and AAC-HE only goes to 96 kbps.

      A lot of people complained about this, surely they could have spared abit of bandwidth and gone for 160, 192, or 224 kbps AAC-LC, if not the full 256 kbps. Instead they went to MPEG2 video and audio, which meant lower quality to the viewer and a lot more bandwidth used. They cited that they received a lot of complaints of people not being able to view it because of h.264, but the only complaints ever seen online were about the shocking audio quality.

      There’s actually enough…

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