Seven leading News battle

Seven News is having a dominant year with its 6pm bulletin having grown audience share year on year in all five major metro markets.

11.30am and 4pm bulletins lead in every metro market.

Seven recently took control of 7NEWS online back from Yahoo, reaching a Unique Audience of 5.5m Australians in its first fully audited month and ranked above The Age, Herald Sun, The Daily Telegraph, the Daily Mail, and The Australian1.

Seven West Media digital sales director James Bayes said: “We are thrilled with the momentum behind which has rapidly established itself as a major force in market.

“We’re particularly delighted by the success we’re seeing in attracting younger readers through our video led approach to news, introducing a whole new audience to 7NEWS and complementing our dominant position on broadcast.

“Now that we are in full control of our digital products, we’re better positioned than ever before to support the growth of our clients with scaled data, insights and content led solutions, all built on and our other leading digital properties.”


  1. I live in Ceduna, so even though we are in SA we receive 7 Melbourne news which I enjoy. I was away in NSW recently and watched 7 Sydney news and didn’t like as much as 7 Melbourne News.

  2. We prefer the Seven News but it is feeling more and more like the official media arm for the NSW State govt. Almost nightly, it tells us about the “exciting” future of Sydney with the increased high rises etc etc.
    Do the other channels also do this?

    • The one area all commercial & public funded networks agree on is that ridiculously large levels of migration must be maintained (and what you mention is propaganda to make sure that is so). Sure that reduces the quality of life for the people already here, and factually removes their self-determination and takes away their birthright.. but you know “progress”.

      What a coincidence that “progress” delivers billions into the hands of property holders, and delivers on the political goal of the left that there be no majority White nations on Earth by 2100.

      If it was done to any other people in would be known as a process of genocide.

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