Seven marks 1 year until Tokyo 2020

Seven is gearing up for its "24 / 7" Olympics start, set to be its biggest Games coverage ever.

With just 12 months until the “24/7” Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, Seven last night held a function in Sydney for advertisers.

With time zones only differing by one hour (AEST), Seven is tipping Tokyo 2020 to be the most watched Olympic and Paralympic Games in history -reaching more than 20 million Australians.

Seven confirmed coverage will led by Channel 7 and 7TWO, with an additional six channels of curated coverage available for registered users of 7plus.

Up to 40 live streams of every sport will also be available on 7plus, and with more sports, more events and more gold medals than any previous Games, Tokyo 2020 will be the biggest digital event in Australia’s history.

An Olympic Channel launches on 7plus today, with video highlights, replays, athlete features and more from the Summer and Winter Olympic Games.

SWM Chief Revenue Officer and Director of Olympics, Kurt Burnette, said “Put simply this will be the most watched Olympics and the biggest digital event in Australian history.

“Our coverage of the Olympics and Paralympics will be unprecedented, and with time zones differing by only one hour Tokyo 2020 will feel like a home Games for Australian viewers.

“We will deploy the most-advanced ad tech and measurement metrics ever used for a sporting event, enabling brands to have real-time engagement and connection with their target audiences, wherever and whenever they are watching, on any device .

“On top of the broadcast and streaming coverage, Tokyo 2020 will be integrated across all Seven West Media platforms, including 7NEWS.com.au, Pacific Magazines and The West Australian, providing a complete cross-platform Olympics experience for Australians.

“This all adds up to the most powerful marketing and media platform Australia will experience in this decade or the next.”

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  1. … just for interest’s sake, here’s a link to the Sydney Olympics “Making of …”. Boy have things changed in the past nineteen years!

  2. How many more Olympics have 7 got the rights to? So sick of them monopolising all the Olympics & Commonwealth Games. They are so arrogant & big noting themselves it gets tiresome. Hopefully this is the last one & another network gets the next one.

    1. 7 has Tokyo 2020 although Seven could exercise an option if they want to retain the rights to Beijing 2022 and Paris 2024 Olympic Games.
      Originally, they have the 7olympics app that they used during Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018 Games but this app has turned into a 7sport app. I doubt that they will use the 7sport app to stream the channels of 7, 72, 7mate and other sports events for free. I think 7

    1. Definitely should have 2 HD channels for Olympics but doubt 4k will ever happen with free to air in the foreseeable future as single 4k channel within any networks’ bandwidth would lead to the sacrifice of at least 4 channels. Seven especially care more about maximising the amount of channels they can put out over the quality.

      Perhaps though the networks could collaborate and negotiate with the govt to do a special channel somewhere else on the spectrum to deliver 4k, similar to the 3D “trials” in 2010 (say channel 40, 44 or something like that). There is space available to do so.

      It could be used for Olympics, as well as major events like NRL and AFL Grand Finals, Aus Open, Cricket, etc. With MPEG4 I think you could possibly just pull out 2 4k channels within the standard 7M bandwidth.

      1. If the efficiency of H.265 encoding is any indication of Ultra HD broadcasting, then they would only need the bandwidth of two HD channels (as H.265 only requires double the data for quadruple the resolution).

        I strongly doubt that it would happen though. Our wonderful broadcasters have been gleefully complacent with utter crap A/V quality, exhausting bandwidth limitations even further with extraneous shopping channels rather than making their secondary channels HD.

        Some local shows continue to be produced in standard definition, including Have You Been Paying Attention?

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