Seven postpones Temptation Island revival

Seven decides against another love-fest for now, thanks.

Seven has changed its itinerary for a trip back to Temptation Island.

The reality series has been a big revival in the US prompting Seven to announce its return in May, with filming of sexy singles due in September / October.

After TV Blackbox reported its axing, a Seven spokesperson today advised production had been postponed. Whether that will be realised will be a question for Upfronts later this year.

The Super Switch failed to fire for Seven despite two hit seasons of Seven Year Switch, but the format of couples living with a group of singles may not have struck the right chord.

Meanwhile Seven still has high hopes for The Proposal hosted by Luke Jacobz, described by programmer Angus Ross as “bonkers…. it’s The Bachelor on steroids.” A date is yet to be announced. Wife Swap is also due.

Temptation Island last aired on Seven in the early 2000s.

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    1. First Dates is a favourite, simple but usually funny and enjoyable. It doesn’t seem to be heavily edited to create drama and there’s always the payoff to if they say yes or no at the end of the night.

  1. Surprisingly, I remember the former series of Temptation Island on Seven Network in the early ’00s & I remember one of the participants on a reunion or follow-up show or episode being very bitter about the experience & critical of her treatment by Seven Network. She said something along the lines of that Seven did not give her enough benefits from appearing on the show.

    It’s another one of these relationship shows that encourages conflict for entertainment and drama, instead of dealing with relationship issues and trying to reconcile and address relationship conflicts and issues in a mature manner.

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