Subscriptions up, led by Netflix, Stan.

Australians watching Subscription TV and / or Streaming are up 7.9% on a year ago.

13,975,000 Australians aged 14+ now have access either platform, according to Roy Morgan research.

Netflix is the clear market leader with nearly 11.5 million Australians now having a Netflix subscription in their household, up by 17.6% on a year ago.

The leading Australian-owned SVOD is Stan which is now accessible by nearly 2.9 million Australians, up by a huge 43.2% on a year ago.

Other smaller Pay TV / SVOD services to have grown quickly over the past year include Amazon Prime Video (+130.7%), YouTube Premium (+37%) and Fetch (+20.9%).

Kayo Sports has also enjoyed swift growth since launching in late 2018 and is now accessible by well over 300,000 after just over six months of operation.

Over 3.6 million people in NSW (55%) and over 2.8 million in Victoria (52%) have access to Netflix.

But proportional penetration of Netflix is actually higher for people in both Queensland and WA. Now over 2.3 million people in Queensland (57%) and nearly 1.3 million in WA (60%) have access to Netflix – the highest rates of usage of any States.

Access to Stan is at around a quarter the level of Netflix and penetration is highest in South Australia where 266,000 have access to Stan equating to 18% of the population.


  1. Kayo membership in particular must fluctuate depending on what leagues people follow. Not exactly a year round need for many people.

  2. Stan has shown that it knows what is commercially needed by its deal with Disney but the future is going to be potentially cluttered for SVOD viewers in the years ahead, the need for more original content is paramount to remain competitive. Netflix is giving a good impression of not being concerned about Disney+ but it’s interesting that Netflix’s content chief Ted Sarandos wants more cost effectiveness for big budget projects and wants to start some quality control and accountability,
    if this is so the profligate Hollywood elites wont have an open cheque book for anymore B Grade self indulgence.

  3. Interesting that the whole article (I had a look at the full item on the Roy Morgan website) is all about “have access to” rather than “subscribe to”

    • We have one subscription but up to 3 people can be watching different things at the same time. The same applies to Stan, so guess it is comparing apples with apples.

  4. Netflix is annoying me of late as there have been large gaps between seasons. The Crown, Manhunter, end of the f***ing world to name a few.

    • While frustrating, I don’t actually see it as a bad thing. It often means they’re focussed on quality rather than just churning out X number of episodes year after year.

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