The Feed’s Jan Fran, Patrick Abboud leaving SBS.

Two of The Feed‘s original team are leaving SBS.

Jeanette Francis and Patrick Abboud are both departing the broadcaster, both have been with The Feed since it began in 2013, but will wrap tomorrow night.

SBS Director of News and Current Affairs, Jim Carroll said: “The Feed holds a special place in the Australian media landscape – it’s a news and current affairs program like no other – giving emerging talent an amazing opportunity to develop, create and succeed.

“It’s great to see how Jan and Pat have grown with us since the program’s launch in 2013. As founding members of The Feed, SBS would like to thank them for their huge contribution. They’re leaving a fantastic legacy and we wish them all the very best for the future. I know they’ll do more remarkable work.”

Jan Fran said: “I started as an SBS cadet and the fact that I lasted as long as I did is a testament to one, how lazy I am, but two, how good SBS has been to me this last decade. I’ve had so many opportunities, worked with so many wonderful people and made friends for life. SBS gave me so much room to grow and I thank all the bosses I’ve had who trusted me and/or were too busy to go over what I’d actually written until it went to air. I wouldn’t be the person nor the journo I am today if it wasn’t for SBS. Honestly, who else is going to let me say half the sh*t I say on air?

“As I explore new and exciting opportunities, I know I’ll always be part of the SBS family and SBS will always hold a special place in my heart. Just think of me as the estranged cousin who does their own thing but is somehow always still there at Christmas telling you what’s what.”

Patrick Abboud said: “I started at SBS on a late night radio program called Alchemy. With big ideas and an ambitious outlook I went on to pitch a TV show that would reflect not only my own experiences as a young gay Arab man but all that incredible diversity that we just weren’t seeing enough on our screens. And so The Feed was born. Six seasons later, I’m so chuffed to have founded a program that’s nurtured amazing talent and changed the media landscape for the better. I’m so thankful for the endless opportunities to have worked on so many other life-changing projects at SBS alongside life-long friends I’ve made. I want to say a huge thank you to all the people at SBS that encouraged me, supported me and believed in me. This place has made me a stronger storyteller – more than that, it’s changed who I am as a person. I’m very excited about my new projects but SBS will always feel like home.”

Journalist Alice Matthews is joining as co-host, alongside Marc Fennell and Michael Hing.

Matthews is best known for her work on Triple J, where she’s worked as a reporter and newsreader. In 2015, she won a Young Walkley Award for her reporting on sex abuse in the medical industry, and has collaborated on two publications for the UN on protecting confidential sources and fake news.

Also joining the team are former Buzzfeed documentary maker Tania Safi (Reporter / Producer), Michelle Rimmer (Reporter / Producer), who started at SBS as a cadet in 2016, former VICE documentary maker and Audible podcaster Rebecca Metcalf (Shooter / Producer), and David Ma (Shooter / Editor) from MTV.

“As we farewell Jan and Pat, we’re really excited to be welcoming five new content-makers who will work alongside Marc, Michael, our comedy team and The Feed’s producers, shooters and editors,” said Carroll.

Alice Matthews said: “If I could dream up the best job right now for a young journalist, it would be this. I love the way The Feed combines brilliant journalism with a couple of solid lols. I am so excited to join the team. My role will inevitably involve feeble attempts to fill the void left behind by Jan and Pat, while managing Hing’s blatant efforts at a total take over. I can’t wait!”

The Feed airs at 8.30pm Thursdays every week on SBS VICELAND.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I am really sorry to see Patrick go…I really like this young man….I often rewatch his interview with Rami Malik…it was excellent and a particular favourite of mine….I hope I get to see his future work….

  2. Going to miss waking up to Alice’s voice every weekday morning. She’s been doing a great job on triple j breakfast as newsreader since Brooke Boney left at the start of the year. At least I’ll be able to watch her now.

    also going to miss seeing Jan and Patrick though, they have been absolutely brilliant.

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