The Voice chooses 4 grand finalists

Five acts were eliminated last night as The Voice settled on its 4 Grand Final singers.

Diana Rouvas (Team George), Zeek Power (Team Kelly) and Jordan Anthony & Daniel Shaw (both Team Delta) will compete in Sunday’s Grand Final.

Eliminated in a brutal cull were Jack Vidgen, Sheldon Riley, Mitch Paulsen, Chynna Taylor and Lee Harding.

Newest coach Guy Sebastian lost all 3 of his singers in one night.

The Voice grand final airs 7pm Sunday on Nine.


    • Absolutely right. Absolutely no one has gone onto greatness from this show, that’s why they are bringing “allstars” back because they never got anywhere. And not just here none of the Voices even in Britain and USA have done anything either. I never hear them say of an artist they won The Voice but there are still plenty of Idols and Xfactors out there making it. This is why it’s a ridiculous concept. I enjoy the open auditions but they fact that they have to knock each other out is just cruel and it’s all about the judges fighting and winning instead of the actual contestants!

  1. I only caught the very end while channel surfing, and know nothing of the four finalists. But I did see the recap of their performances from last night, and Jordan had the standout voice for me.

  2. i missed this last night, wow im totally shocked Jack Vidgen is out of it, i honestly thought they had him kinda pre selected to win (because lets face it thats what these shows do) So my next pick would be Diana or maybe Jordan to win, both deserving.

    • daveinprogress

      As much as I loved what he brought to it last year I think it’s unfair he was even allowed to enter again. To make a grand final one year surely should rule someone ineligible to compete again. Blinds or battles okay to then return but when sonia said it was his second final week it stuck out to me as not right. But it wasn’t lost on me that two of the eliminated last night were openly gay men.

  3. Poor Guy Sebastian. ? To have not one act make the grand final in his year as coach is rough. Go Diana or Daniel! Will there be another season?

    • daveinprogress

      Yes I felt for him too. I think he is the most authentic mentor and a shame all 3 went. But I feel the right 4 are in the final. Not sure who will win. I’d like Jordan or Daniel to win but it might be Diana.

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