Three finalists vie for MasterChef title

Tessa Boersma, Larissa Takchi and Simon Toohey will compete for the 2019 title of MasterChef Australia.

Victorian Tim Bone was eliminated in the semi-final last night after attempting to replicate Peter Gilmore’s dazzling White Coral. But he was outshone by his colleagues on technical elements.

Tonight the three remaining contestants will serve a three-course meal to 60 guests, comprising former contestants and favourite series chefs.

The grand final this year has been overshadowed by a scandal surrounding judge George Calombaris whose MAdE Establishment restaurants underpaid staff to the tune of $7.8m.

7:30pm tonight on 10.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    Larri has had some magical moments….but Tessa has been more consistent and steady….even under the pressure test she pulled it off.

  2. I had money on it being Tim Vs Larissa with Larissa for the win… Very happy with all three contestants in the finale but Larissa is surely the shoe-in to win, she’s just gotten better and better each week.

  3. Agree about not worth watching the finale, but I think they’re actually going to go with Larissa, considering there has been so much hype about her age and “records being broken”

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