Tracy Grimshaw, Scott Cam weigh in on Gold Logie speech.

Tracy Grimshaw sent an editorial Tom Gleeson’s way last night on A Current Affair after his stinging Gold Logie acceptance speech.

“The newly minted Gold Logie winner advised us all to lighten up last night.

“How light did he want it?” Grimshaw asked.

“Julia Morris was wearing Costa’s beard, Pete Helliar was wearing a Logie. We were celebrating achievement in an industry whose main purpose is to entertain, and also happens to employ thousands of Australians. An industry the Gold Logie winner smugly told us last night was “dying”.

“We all waited for him to change pace and close his speech with some grace, but no chance.”


Elsewhere former Gold Logie winner Scott Cam also made a pointed comment at Nine’s Recovery Brunch yesterday.

Cam, who turned his trophy into a stubby opener, said, “I love the Logies. I love the Gold Logie, I’m right behind the Logies… but each to their own.”

Gleeson meanwhile tweeted his thanks to viewers.


  1. Peter Helier needs to watch and take notes of Toms parts of the night, he might actually learn what’s funny. And Tracey maybe you should “lighten the …. up” if you thought that what was served up ( helier and Morris) on Sunday Was comedy, you have no idea.

  2. The only way the Logies would los more credibility is if Tracey Grimshaw won Gold. At least Tom Gleeson is entertaining – I don’t see what value ACA contributes.

  3. The fact that Ch 9 cannot see that Commercial TV is dying in australia just proves his point.
    Its alot of sour grapes considering which networks won who won and who didn’t

  4. Just thinking while reading all the interesting comments. I wonder what the reaction would have been if weatherman Sam Mac had won? I am sure he would have had a silly speech prepared as well. I thought his campaign was sillier than Toms so I think we were lucky Tom won it. Still disappointed Amanda didn’t win but that’s the way it goes !

  5. I loved the Logies but can someone tell Delta that she should say goodbye to the whole Olivia Newton John thing. She wasn’t convincing in the Mini series so should of given it a miss at the Logies. Also Guy, Jessica and Delta whilst all good, could all these sort of shows and events please mix it up a bit and give us some different acts.

    • can’t stand Delta now for this reason, as if its not bad enough the terrible acting job she did on the Olivia bio now she has to make everything ‘the Delta Show’…& i still like Guy & Jessica but they do pop up on everything too.

  6. I was actually thinking about this yesterday and wondering how TV week can fix the voting system and I think I have an idea.

    When it comes to the Gold Logie nominations. Instead of letting the public decide who they should be allow the industry itself pick 8 nominees for gold. The guidelines for who they choose would be, someone who has been on TV in the last 12 months. Someone who is popular with the Audience and someone who is worthy of the award.

    Once the 8 are chosen, the public then have their say on who they want to see win.

    • Jᴏʜɴɴʏ1ᴘ5

      Which was really the point Tom Gleeson was making in that it is popular to the Audience, hence the Married At First Sight and NRL mentions. To which if you look outside of Sport, The Block was Number One last year with Married at First Sight next in line, so on that Scott Cam deserved another nomination. Like his win back in 2014 was off the back of 2 seasons (6 & 7) of The Block in 2013, which each Finale got 2.1mil and 2.8mil, plus a season (8) being on in 2014 when voting was happening. That season ended on April 09th with a Finale of 2.1mil again and the Logies were on April 27th, so fresh in the publics mind and certainly one of the most popular at the time.

      2018 Year Ratings:

      • A show can be popular without the person fronting it being well-liked. A lot of people only tolerate Scott Cam (don’t mind him myself, but not enough for an award) for the sake of the show.

    • If they need to be popular with the audience then surely that’s either a ratings thing (ruling out most of this year’s candidates) or you’re delving into murky qualifiers?
      What’s popular? A number or winning a slot or something else?
      I’d argue Tom is worthy of the award. Been around TV for 20 years, actually has a nicely rating show, is on multiple shows, has been at multiple Networks.

    • I had a similar idea a while ago, but my criteria are different. My guidelines for eligibility would be: having appeared on more than one program, been in the industry for more than three years, and have contributed positively to the industry. I know it is meant to be a popularity contest, but with all the fanfare of the Gold, I think it should go to someone who has really earned it, not a fly-by-night. Then put those 8 nominees out there for the popular vote.

  7. Considering the fact that Tom Gleeson of all people won the grand prize, perhaps he’s onto something.

    I tuned in for maybe 5 seconds to see who had won the gold (as the news of his win had not yet been published online), and the smugness in those 5 seconds was enough to make me switch off and put on a Blu-ray.

    Without the quality of content on the box to justify such arrogance, is it any wonder people are resorting to alternate means of entertainment? I used to be puzzled when people would tell me that they don’t have a TV, but then I realise that I almost always watch Blu-rays/DVDs and play games on mine.

  8. Without his speech, the Logies would have been another long pap award ceremony, with some laughs sprinkled in here and there. It was good that something went awry just to make the Logies interesting again. Those awards shouldn’t go any longer than 2 hours. Turf some of those categories out of the actual televised event, I say. Have a morning brunch and invite all the nominees, film it and show the shortened edited version within the Logies, like they do in America. I also miss the big overseas star behaving awkward and weird while interviewed and handing out awards to people they’ve never heard of. And just one international music act wouldn’t be so bad either. We see these local singers all the time on tele, and around, would be great if they could just amp the Logie awards up a little.

  9. Sour grapes indeed. Says lots about the Logies the huge sucess the ABC had. As they produce/comission ptograming that is watchable unlile the so called reality rubbish on the commercial networks. Makes you wonder how truly representative the FTA ratings are?

    • It seems like a lot of people were watching shows like Married at First Sight but didn’t actually like those shows. They were just there for the drama, but not because they actually thought it was a good program that deserved a Logie.

  10. What would be even worse for the Logies is if they weren’t spoken about and no one cared. The fact that Tom’s campaign got so much attention this year, and has people caring about the validity of the Gold Logie, I think can only be seen as a good thing. I reckon the people behind the Logies wouldn’t be too upset with all this.

  11. Consider the number of people who cast votes. Consider the number of people who watched the broadcast. Consider the population of Australia. Consider the percentage of the population the voters & viewers represent. Kind of puts the whole thing in perspective, doesn’t it?

  12. I’m in two minds about the whole thing. I find Tom Gleeson very funny, yet I really wanted Amanda Keller to be rewarded for her hard work. In the end though, anyone nominated for Gold would realise they are very popular to have made the final list of nominees. Not everyone can be the winner.

  13. Dying Industry?
    Channel Ten is excited to crack 500 000 viewers
    The highest viewed show per night rarely cracks a million
    With the exception of live sport Free to air is dying a slow death.
    I’d expect Channel Ten to be the first to go under in the next 5 years.

    Gleeson is speaking a truth. Television is evolving.

      • Yes but people are now connecting to storytelling online not through the TV. Declining viewership year on year suggests its worse than simply evolving.

          • That’s true, but maybe we need a new term because a screen is a screen, no matter how it is delivered. when I talk to the youth, many say they only watch YouTube which is still TV/media/screen. The exciting this about YouTube is that with easy to work editing tools many people are also becoming creators. I watched a movie that was shot on a DSLR on YouTube and the quality was amazing. TV is not dying, media is evolving, not just viewing but creating.

          • Online streaming is also facilitating the increased accessibility of international markets to Australia, thereby seeing the deterioration (not gonna say dying!) of the Australian TV industry. For example, we consider Stan as Australian TV but not the far more used Netflix or whatever other international streaming platform we have access to.

        • The real unspoken issue is a future with declining ad revenue especially if global streaming apps like Netflix remain ad free. Once a new technology establishes a place in a consumer market especially with 4K TV’s now more commonplace, viewers will naturally want the content to match, FTA is slow matching the demand and tries to keep its audience share with reality TV which has been around a long time and is about the only product evolving in recent years, that and social media chat shows disguised as morning news.

        • Its not much different to music when tapes and cds were the format to listen to audio. Now its also streaming. Thats all a TV is, a format to watch video and audio. The new and upcoming format to watch video and audio will be, and is, streaming on multiple devices such as Phones, Ipads, Laptops and TVs. Its not complicated.

          • agreed, i don’t know how much revenue FTA stations are getting from non sports material but its probably not justified. Since one could watch the show thru streaming & only put up with half or less ads than watching it broadcast, so as technology gets cheaper, faster & better more people will jump on board. And as they do, advertising on streaming will probably increase too. Its just a rapidly evolving industry like the music industry was 15 yrs ago, the smart players will move with it & survive…

    • You may have missed it but Ten went into voluntary administration in 2017, with massive debts to Hollywood due to old content deals. Apart from clearing the debt, now parent co. CBS can feed ‘free’ content to Ten and focus resources on local content. So I’d suspect they’re probably the most viable, despite the changing landscape.

      • But with their 6pm content not even cracking 300 000 viewers and besides Masterchef and The Bachelor shifting over 600 000 Ten’s ad revenue will continue to dwindle.

        Angela Bishop was front and centre of the the in house ads promoting to businesses to advertise.

        Ten’s gap between 7 and 9 makes it a likely first victim. Content costs or not, without viewers the advertising spend vs expenditure will eventually catch up with them.

    • I do think that within the next 5-10 years one of the networks will go under – but I’ll make a big call and say CBS’s input at 10 will save them long-term and that 7 will falter (just a hunch, but let’s see if I’m right).

  14. melbourneamy

    ACA should stick to dodgy tradies, neighbours from hell and supermarket price wars.

    9 are just sour that they didn’t win anything.

  15. She look and sounded angry and bitter, so that’s it for us and ACA, with all the light hearted , company sponsored stories they do, she would and should be the last to denigrate Tom, he has shown up (and exposed)what the industry is all about now and majority now don’t like it.

    Let’s hope for Tracy that her comments were(like Toms) tounge in cheek.

  16. daveinprogress

    Hmm, I’m not sure how prudent it was for Tracy to give that editorial. It looks like a bit of sour grapes. It is what it is. Tracy herself was a gold nominee a year ago or two. Whilst I think the Gold Logie campaigns have gone over the top it is the way it goes and I think turning the other cheek would be a better path forward next year it will be some other left field entrant putting the cat among the pigeons. First world issue. ACA would be better served getting back to the sort of quality that Tracy herself eulogised about Mike Willessee on Sunday.

  17. carolemorrissey

    Sounds like Tracey is still feeling a little bitter, which I can’t say I blame her. She was the favourite to win till Tom took over Grant Denyer’s campaign & started campaigning for him.

    • I don’t think Tracy was bitter at all. As someone who was also in the room at the time, I think Tracey was calling it like it was.
      Gleeson’s speech was spiteful and mean, and he confused being a ranting smart alec with satire and social comment. He also needs to buy a dictionary and look up the word ‘gracious’ as he has no idea what it means.
      Be sure to read Michael Idato’s piece in Fairfax evaluating Gleeson’s whole campaign and for someone who only wanted to win to make a point of sticking it at the industry – one that employs him – he certainly put a whole lot of work into to doing everything he could to win the award. It’s actually quite bizarre.
      A proper speech, having a specific point and some well-pointed satire would have made this a great and compelling moment. Instead, Gleeson’s behaviour turned it into one of the most sour, disingenuous Logies moments I have ever…

  18. There seems to be some sour grapes, sore losers and negativity regarding Tom Gleeson’s gold Logie win. Not only on A Current Affair, but also on Studio 10 and The Project. It vindicates that the award is being taken way too seriously and the need to lighten up. I don’t see any reason not to be happy for Tom Gleeson’s success and even those that didn’t win can still be seen as winners and can also be cheered on for their perseverance.

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