Wentworth vs Orange: Every sentence has led to copycats

Two prison dramas. One marketing slogan: "Every Sentence Has Led to This." But who was first?

There were raised eyebrows at Foxtel when they got wind of Netflix’s marketing campaign for the final season of Orange is the New Black.

An OITNB poster with “Every Sentence Has Led to This” is the exact same phrase Foxtel has used to plug the current season of Wentworth.

Foxtel launched its campaign across social media on April 18 and on-air from April 22, well ahead of the Netflix series. The tagline was include in Social, Online pre-roll, On-air promos, Press and more.

Awkwardly, Foxtel also screens Orange is the New Black, currently available through Foxtel On Demand.

Wentworth, which is teasing a massive season finale tomorrow, can at last take comfort that it will outlast the US series with two more years to come.

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  1. Orange Is The New Black is based on Piper Kerman’s memoir and based on her time in a women’s prison and written in 2013. It’s hardly copying Wentworth at all. There’s no need to compare both excellent shows David. This article was unnecessary and biased.

    1. The marketing tagline is identical so entirely fair grounds for comment. In the past I’ve written about copycat promos by networks (eg in 2010). It isn’t about the storylines which are obviously different. I haven’t referred to those at all. I enjoyed OITNB early seasons.

  2. Wentworth can also take comfort that it is vastly superior to Orange. I struggled through the first 6 episodes of season one and couldn’t go back, I couldn’t find any compelling storyline. Where as Wentworth has me wanting the next episode immediately.

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