When BVOD gets embedded into the TV Guide

Points to Fetch TV for thinking outside the box with the creation of 4 “Virtual Playlist Channels” embedded into their EPG, to help people find new content.

Broadcast Video on Demand platforms 7Plus, 9Now, 10 Play and SBS On Demand (no iview?) have been given a dedicated listing on the Fetch EPG, all of which are scheduled by the Free to Air networks, taking into consideration time of day and content popularity.

All titles come with start, fast forward and rewind functionality and viewers can still dip into the BVOD channels via traditional methods if they prefer.

It follows on from Fetch adding a virtual playlist channel for Oxygen, which is exclusive to Fetch, in January.

Scott Lorson, CEO of Fetch TV, said: “Consumer viewing behaviours continue to evolve. Fetch is committed to working with our content partners to provide the best possible user experience, one that caters to the diverse content discovery preferences of Australian households. We are delighted to partner with the FTA networks to offer Fetch subscribers more choice, flexibility and convenience via the four new Virtual Playlist Channels.”

The new dual navigation VPC format, with content available to be accessed via EPG or the BVOD app, recognises both the popularity of the FTA BVOD content and the enduring nature of the traditional EPG as the principal means of content discovery. Three quarters of all Fetch viewing continues to be traditional FTA and Subscription linear content, both live and recorded. The VPC’s effectively expand the number of FTA channels available, but with the added functionality of an on-demand experience.

VPC shows selected from the EPG play out seamlessly via the FTA BVOD apps. Fetch subscribers can select a current listing on the EPG, or go forward in time to select a future listing. All episodes selected commence from the start, with fast forward and rewind functionality available. At the completion of each show, viewers are given the option of viewing the next scheduled programme or selecting from the other available episodes of the show they have been watching.

Fetch introduced the NBCU’s Oxygen as its first Virtual Playlist Channel in January. The new channel regularly ranks as a top 10 most popular non-kids’ channel on Fetch, and consumers are utilising the dual navigation options with circa 89% of the show views originating via the EPG or Now & Next listings, and the remainder directly from the dedicated Oxygen Catch Up app.


    • Fetch TV is a subscription service, mostly like Foxtel. I’m not sure if your Smart TV has a Fetch app, but the set top box should give you PVR capability to record, pause, rewind, download movies etc. Similar to Foxtel IQ.

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