WIN TV crew in near miss

A WIN TV camera crew in Tasmania had a near miss when a speeding stolen car swerved to avoid road spikes.

The crew, from Hobart’s WIN News, was filming at the side of the road yesterday as a police officer pulled a strip of road spikes across the lane in an attempt to stop the car, which police said had been involved in an earlier crash.

In the footage the driver, upon seeing the spikes on the road, steers the speeding car into the wrong lane narrowly missing the crew and other vehicles.

WIN News Tasmania News Director Alex Johnston said the crew was on its way to a State Government media conference before spotting the police road block and deciding to shoot footage for future use. He said the car got within “a couple of metres” of camera operator Andrew Palmer.

“Amazingly he didn’t flinch. He pans the camera to get a shot of the car speeding away, it’s pretty incredible camerawork,” he said.

“One minute he was driving along thinking he was going to a boring political press conference, the next moment the news instincts kicked in to film police performing an operation then that happened.”

Three people were taken into custody by local police. Another man in the car fled the scene.

Source: ABC


  1. Regional News, its something WIN have lately decided that isnt worth anything, by shutting down Albury Wagga Orange and Wide Bay Newsrooms, lets hope Andrew has a job for a long time to come.
    Right place right time, can only do that if you have crews available in the area. – You would think that Channel 10 will miss out with those areas now their affiliate have no news presence.

  2. I saw this earlier on the ABC and i still wonder what the police were thinking..
    blow out the tyres and let a now out of control car run into the public parked in front of it???

    At least get those cars off the road where it was heading towards!

  3. Huh? I can’t see anything through all those watermarks.

    The footage looks like it’s been rendered with free trial video software.

    And considering that WIN are at the centre of the story, I doubt that the competition would be keen on pinching the footage anyway.

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