10 All Access backflips on preview offer

A pledge by 10 to preview new US drama Why Women Kill on 10 Play has been abandoned with little explanation.

The new Marc Cherry drama was added to 10 All Access last week.

But 10 had previously announced the first episode would be available for 2 weeks at 10 Play.

Yesterday a 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight, “10 has decided not to put it up on 10 Play at this stage.”

It isn’t clear if someone at 10 stuffed up the SVOD rights pertaining to the show, but these kinds of mixed messages to consumers are unhelpful.

As a new streaming platform looking to get a foothold in the Australian market, with Disney+ and Apple TV+ on the way 10 All Access really needs to get its act together, pronto.


  1. Ten All Access isn’t one of the ones that deserves to survive, but it probably will due to ownership by CBS. Once the Showtime-Stan agreement runs its course, it will likely end up on 10AA. As will most Viacom content now that they are re-merging with CBS. Though interestingly Paramount (which is part of Viacom) just signed a deal with Stan. CBS is also supposedly planning to buy Lionsgate.

    That being said, the only indication we’ve had that this won’t be the case is that Picard did not end up on 10AA, and is on Amazon… which is mind boggling, and implies that perhaps CBS just doesn’t give a rats about 10 (which is fine… but why did they buy it?).

  2. Yesterday, I was treated to a 10 All Access ad, trying to pursuade me with Beverly Hills 90210 (the 90s series, not the 2008 or upcoming reboots), Melrose Place (again, the 90s series), and Sabrina (again, the 90s series rather than the current reboot).

    Their marketing department ought to have a boot embedded deep in their backsides, because that is an absolute pathetic showing and a complete waste of 10’s resources.

  3. I agree David. Considering Disney’s pricing is confirmed at $8.99 and Apple is rumoured to be similar 10 All Access will really need to up their game.
    As you’ve said before for a lot of people it’s Netflix plus one other and I think 10 All Access will be the loser in the battle.

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