60 Minutes: Aug 18

Mike Munro tells 60 Minutes more about his own family tree and those bushranger links.

Sunday’s 60 Minutes has a story on former reporter Mike Munro and the bushranger links in his family tree.

Munro has previously told TV Tonight about this chapter, and presented a series on the topic for Foxtel, Lawless: The Real Bushrangers.

No one forgets an encounter with Bianca Saez. When Tara Brown first met her 11 years ago, Bianca was 16 and had the worst case of Tourette Syndrome doctors had even seen. She was a hostage to uncontrollable, violent tics and sudden outbursts of extraordinary expletives. Bianca lived at the mercy of her troubled mind until doctors performed radical brain surgery. Instantly, and for two miraculous weeks, she was free of her Tourette’s. But then, cruelly, infections set in and the operation had to be reversed. Today, Bianca still suffers severely from Tourette’s, but she has learnt to navigate the near impossible. She has found love, independence and happiness… even though she still swears like a trooper.
Reporter: Tara Brown
Producer: Naomi Shivaraman

Rise of the Unicorns
In the world of hi-tech business there’s nothing make believe about a unicorn. It’s a term used to describe a privately held startup company that’s gained a value of more than one billion dollars. As Liz Hayes discovers, these days unicorns aren’t that rare. Neither are decacorns, tech companies worth ten billion dollars. In fact there’s now even a hectocorn, a hundred-billion-dollar startup. And right up there striving for tech greatness are plenty of Aussie entrepreneurs, full of wonderful ideas and money-making skills. They’re extremely clever. But our most important challenge is how to keep them in Australia and not lose them to the world.
Reporter: Liz Hayes
Producer: Grace Tobin

I’m Not Mike Munro
Thirty years ago, anyone watching 60 Minutes would have regularly heard the words, “I’m Mike Munro”. That’s because Munro was a prolific, not to mention fearless, reporter on the program. But now he has discovered the phrase isn’t true. A dark family secret reveals he is really someone else. And for this high-profile journalist the news gets even more shocking. It turns out his name was changed because of a family’s shame. Two of his relatives were infamous bushrangers and the evil perpetrators of one of the most horrific crimes in Australian history.
Reporter: Sarah Abo
Producer: Stephen Taylor

Sunday on Nine.

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