ABC “by far” still most trusted media company

ABC remains the most trusted media company in Australia “by far” according to Roy Morgan Research.

It was followed by Nine, SBS, Newscorp, Facebook and Seven West Media (however Facebook also topped a list of most Distrusted media corporation).

TV ranked as the preferred news channel for Australians ahead of Newspapers, Radio, Social Media -but more Australians trust newspapers than other mediums.

Trust and Distrust of Media Channels:
More Australians Trust ‘newspapers’ than any other channel – but down from 2018, ahead of Television, News & Newspaper Websites, Social Media, Radio and Magazines;
Social Media is the most Distrusted media channel – but down from a year ago, followed by Print, Newspapers, Television, Magazines, News & Newspaper Websites and Radio;

Trust and Distrust of Media Corporations:
ABC is by far the most Trusted media corporation followed by Nine Entertainment, SBS, Newscorp, Facebook, Seven West Media, Google/Alphabet Group and Schwartz Media;
The most Distrusted media corporation is Facebook, although its Distrust has improved significantly since 2018, ahead of Newscorp, Nine Entertainment, Seven West Media, ABC and Fox;

Trust and Distrust of Media Brands:
On a Net Trust Score basis the ABC is a clear leader ahead of SBS, The Guardian, BBC, SMH, Schwartz Media, NY Times, AFR, The Age and Al Jazeera;
Facebook is at the bottom with the lowest Net Trust Score: Facebook followed by Nine Network, Twitter, Instagram, Seven Network, Foxtel, The Daily Telegraph, Ten Network and Herald Sun;

In a fake-news world impartiality, balance & accuracy remain key drivers of TRUST in media;
Whereas bias, poor journalism & data privacy concerns are key drivers of DISTRUST;

Where do Australians get their news?
TV is the preferred news channel for Australians ahead of Newspapers, Radio, Social Media and Newsfeed sites;
Now 60% of people mainly get their news via the Internet in some form – up from 58% a year ago;

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  1. All media has bias..

    At present the market offers both globalist right, and globalist left biased choices.. but none that are nationalist left or nationalist right, or nationalist of any description.

    It is a shame, and does not serve us well.

  2. … it’s rather amusing then that the “most trusted” expects its journalists to use the “most distrusted” as a source for its stories. From a recent employment ad for an ABC reporter: “Experience in the use of social media as a newsgathering and research tool …”

  3. And it’s ABC News for me too by a country mile. SBS News at number 2. Only criticism of the ABC is the advertorials for Four Corners and 7.30 which are presented as news items.

    • I watch mostly ABC and SBS apart from a couple of shows on commercial television. With TV, I get my news from ABC and SBS, but apart from that, I get my news online.

  4. carolemorrissey

    I would have thought Newscorp would have been last. We need to have truth in media laws here. They can just write any old rubbish & get away with it.

  5. If anyone has seen the recent death spiral of The West Australian, once the journal of record for the state and now utter moronic rubbish, the idea of people trusting a paper seems very quaint.

    Personally I don’t understand why folks watch the commercial news bulletins at all-one third ads, much more poorly disguised paid promotions and the rest mostly trivial/superficial stuff a la the US-WW III could start and it would come second in the broadcast after the firing of a footy coach!

    • Exactly. If World War III breaks out, no doubt the footy coach will be first and foremost. And no doubt A Current Affair will place greater emphasis on a punch-on at the local Aldi or dodgy builders as opposed to World War III, which is going to affect the world.

      And on a side note, notice that A Current Affair has “World Affairs”, and yet has nothing on it, just trash.

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