Airdate: 60 Days In

US prison experiment 60 Days In, which has previously screened on Pay TV, has its Free to Air debut at SBS VICELAND next week.

All episodes will also be available to stream at SBS on Demand.

In this ground-breaking experiment, a group of innocent people surrender their freedom and volunteer to be locked up as convicted criminals – willingly entering the dangerous world of incarceration in an effort to see if they can survive life in jail.

For 60 days, the participants live among the facility’s general population without officers, fellow inmates, or staff knowing their secret. Around the clock cameras capture this unparalleled access to the jail as they document the extraordinary personal journeys of the participants and bring problems within the system to light – all the while giving the viewers a firsthand, unfiltered look at life behind bars.

8:30pm Friday, 30 August on SBS VICELAND


  1. It’s a broken justice system that would even contemplate this-palms must have been greased for this to happen-another example of the Viceland TV utter dregs.

      • Many good documentaries and reports on the subject, not to mention films and TV series-it does not require an absurd ‘reality show’ to highlight the problem-that the other people commenting here don’t see what’s wrong about this is a terrible indictment on the viewing public rather like public executions and the Roman games.

  2. I watched this on Foxtel – pretty amazing stuff. Why anyone would want to volunteer for this kind of program (in both the “TV” and “experiment” senses of the word) is beyond me. But it’s addictive viewing – and highly recommended. A true definition of reality TV.

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