Airdate: Cheat

UK thriller Cheat will screen on Seven next week.

The series features Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor with Peter Firth, Parker Sawyers and Adrian Edmonson.

It is excutive produced by Harry & Jack Williams (The Missing) and aired in the UK in March.

When a university lecturer suspects a student of cheating, she is quick to call her out. But what begins as a simple case of academic deception, soon spirals out of control.

8:40pm Wednesday August 21 on Seven.


  1. Only 5 months behind the UK/ITV

    Also it’s worth noting this is a 4 part mini series that is meant as a stand alone series.

    Just like Thirteen (a 5 part BBC series – watch it if you haven’t already, excellent show) ITV has already ruled out a season 2 of the show.

    Good that 7 have decided to pick it up though.

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