Airdate: Evan Goes Wild

Move over Dr. Chris Brown…..

Next month Animal Planet will screen Evan Goes Wild starring Dr. Evan Antin – voted the Sexiest Veterinarian Alive by People magazine.

Quick, somebody find me a sick puppy.

Since he was a kid growing up in Kansas, Evan was intrigued by every aspect of wildlife and wild places. His love for animals led him to veterinary medicine and with over 1.2million followers, he’s the most followed veterinarian on Instagram. In Evan Goes Wild, he leaves his Los Angeles-based clinic to take audiences with him to most awe-inspiring locations; swimming alongside humpback whales in Tahiti, exploring caves with bats and snakes in the Philippines, tangling with crocs in the Yucatan, and more!

Saturdays from 7 September at 9:30pm on Animal Planet.

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