Australian Survivor’s Simon Black joins 10 News

It’s not unusual for Reality TV to boost the employment opportunities for profile participants -but ex-AFL player Simon Black hasn’t even had to wait for Australian Survivor to finish before joining 10 News First Brisbane.

Yesterday he was announced as part of the Brisbane team.

Black also won yesterday’s Immunity challenge having so far been a ‘quiet achiever’ in the Champions tribe.

It isn’t clear if the hiring is in any reflective of his further success in as the show inches closer to a finale. But probably….


  1. Good on you Simon. Since day one on Survivor have been barracking for you, and sincerely hope you go all the way. You’re already a winner in my eyes.

  2. I reckon Simon’s the dark horse to win Survivor this season.
    Good at challenges, way under the radar, no-one else appears to consider him a threat and hasn’t rubbed anyone up the wrong way.
    Seems really nice guy, if a little boring. Really hasn’t featured much at all on the show up to now.
    Think he’s just biding his time, waiting for the right time to flip on the Godmother posses and take Luke over with him to vote with the remainder of the Contenders.

  3. He was a boring AFL player personality wise (a champion however, don’t get me wrong), he’s a boring Survivor contestant, and now I’m sure he will be a boring presenter. There’s nothing remarkable about him in my opinion.

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