Call for Entries: In Dreams

Screenplays & teleplays wanted from unrepresented Australian writers looking to connect to Hollywood professionals.

In Dreams, a screenwriting fellowship designed to connect unrepresented Australian writers to Hollywood industry professionals, is calling for applications.

The fellowship created by producers Carmen Knox (no relation!) and Melissa Azizi seeks full-length screenplays or teleplays that showcases craft. Two winners will have the opportunity to participate in Jen Grisanti’s Storywise 6-Week Teleseminar.

“The media and entertainment industry is undergoing a seismic shift and we, as screen professionals, are increasingly pressed to innovate new pathways that are truly conducive to global opportunity and success. In Dreams finds a kind of method in this madness by giving unrepresented writers a genuine opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with Hollywood visionaries,” says co-founder Carmen Knox.

“In Dreams is really about global outcomes for Australian screenwriters, and the industry expertise of our Hollywood judging panel is what immediately sets us apart.

”Not only do we plug our winning fellows directly in to a dynamic Hollywood network, we are enormously excited to be able to provide them with the tools to take their careers to the next level through our program sponsor, Jen Grisanti, and her prestigious Storywise 6-Week Teleseminar.”

Co-founder Melissa Azizi adds: “It’s clear that the global storytelling marketplace is opening up and diversifying in ways previously unseen. In Dreams provides an opportunity right now to get unrepresented Australian screenwriters and their stories onto the desks of Hollywood. We can’t wait for Hollywood to meet our winning fellows.”

To apply visit www.indreamsfellowship.com

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