Days of Our Lives, Young & the Restless returning to Nine.

EXCLUSIVE: Like sands through the hourglass….

Long-running US soaps Days of Our Lives and The Young & the Restless are returning to the Nine Network.

Days of Our Lives ran for 45 years on Nine before being dumped in 2013, sending fans into a spin.

Several months later it resumed in free streaming at before Foxtel’s Arena fast-tracked the series in 2014 “day and date” with the United States.

Both Days and Y&R will continue to be fast-tracked by Arena, which retains a 90 day exclusivity on all media. There is no change to Foxtel’s deal.

But after a 6 year absence Free to Air viewers will pick up on recent storylines through 9GEM and 9Now, from September.

Nine Program Director Hamish Turner told TV Tonight, “Both Young & the Restless and Days of our Lives were a huge part of Nine’s daytime heritage for over 31 and 45 years respectively.

“After 6 years off Free to Air we’re bring back the DRAMA!”

Updated: DOOL returns 1pm Monday Sept 2 on 9GEM and Y&R from 2pm. Due to M classification marathon stunts will no longer proceed this Saturday.


  1. So I’m really happy that Days of Our Lives will be back on again but it was supposed to be a catch-up from 2013 up until 2018, but the first episode back isn’t a catch up, it continues on from November 3 2015 episode which is where hope is marrying Aiden, umm I don’t even know who Aiden is, why is it continuing from that episode instead of from where it was left off on the day it stop airing on Australian TV ?
    So that means there is still the previous 2 years of episodes missing !

  2. I wonder what has changed their minds about thinking the soaps are viable now, that they didn’t have over six years ago? Shifting Days to Gem was an obvious choice to fans, at the time, but nine didn’t even consider it then. Could it be the success of B&B on ten?

  3. i’m so happy about this. I just hope they don’t take it off air again.

    “Both soaps will begin in early September on 9GEM with a programming stunt due on Sunday 1st September.”

    whats a programming stunt?

  4. i used to watch these occasionally when visiting my aunt at her nursing home, all the oldies were big fans. The story lines were so slow moving i could see an episode maybe once a month & still follow what was going on. I’m guessing it might be the same after not seeing one in 6 years too!

  5. I’m so happy to read this. I don’t mean to be greedy but I wish one of the free to air networks would pick up General Hospital from ABC America. It is such a good soap. So dramatic and has so many superbly talented actors.

  6. Please tell me I’ve awoken from a 6 year coma. How very soap. The ladies at my workplace will be happy. The television in the tearoom will be switched to Nine during my hour long lunch-break. Thankfully I have my trusty smartphone and earbuds to watch something on Netflix.

    • Good news for fans but who’s to say they won’t just drop it again out of the blue. Would be nice to assure viewers they’ve committed to it long term again.

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