Director of Unscripted to depart Fremantle

Caroline Spencer to exit Fremantle role, but stays with Celebrity Name Game.

Caroline Spencer has resigned as Director of Unscripted from Fremantle after 10 years with the company.

She began on a 6-week contract as Challenge Producer on Project Runway, with credits including The Biggest Loser and executive producer roles on MasterChef Australia, The Farmer Wants A Wife, Recipe to Riches. As Director of Development she sold 60 hours of Escape from the City to the ABC, and re-claimed the 6pm stripped slot on 10.

She will continue as executive producer on Celebrity Name Game.

“I am so incredibly fortunate to have spent the past decade working with the best in the business at Fremantle, both locally and internationally, but sometimes in life you’ve got to know when to leave a party and for me that was now,” she told TV Tonight.

“Working with 10 and Grant Denyer on Celebrity Name Game reminded me of how much I adore being on the frontline making television and the timing felt absolutely right for me to close my eyes and take a giant leap of faith into the great unknown.”

She will depart in late September.

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  1. Wow Caroline needs a round of applause – she certainly did a great job selling the ABC 60 X 1 hour episodes of ‘ Escape from the City.’
    That’s an enormous order for a series, I think I read somewhere it was originally meant to be in a ” stripped ” format for 6 PM weeknights.
    Let’s say each one hour episode costs $100,000 , ( although I suspect more ) well that’s a tidy $ 6 million bucks for Fremantle from the national broadcaster.
    Hope she gets a nice farewell party based on that deal alone…

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