Foreign Correspondent: Aug 13

Tonight on Foreign Correspondent reporter Bill Birtles investigates China’s campaign to bring Taiwan back to the motherland as a younger generation.

On every front, China is stepping up the pressure on “renegade province” Taiwan to drag it into the mainland fold. There’s talk of invasion and blockades. While Taiwan clings to its independence and democracy, staging war games in a show of military muscle, some Taiwanese are wavering.

From Kinmen, a quaint Taiwanese island just a few kilometres off the coast of China, the mainland looms large. Its high-rise buildings are in plain sight. It provides Kinmen’s lifeline – water and power – and is now buying up its economy.
Foreign Correspondent meets a Kinmen couple who represent Taiwan’s dilemma – he wants reunification, she wants independence. We look at Taiwan’s war games and compulsory air raid drills and meet young activists from the pro independence “Sunflower” movement, including a heavy metal muso-turned-MP who is leading the charge.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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