….is this 10’s singing Unicorn?

Spoiler? Nah just a wild guess…

Now that I’ve seen a broadcast version of 10’s Masked Singer promo (now uploaded here as hi-res) I’m prepared to make a tip on at least one of the celebrities.

The Unicorn can be heard singing Beyonce’s Crazy in Love.

She sure sounds a lot like Deni Hines’ unmistakable vibrato, so she is my tip for this role.

Deni Hines’ career was spectacularly derailed in 2011 from her performance in The Celebrity Apprentice (I will never forget having to moderate a tidal wave of vitriol!), but she is an accomplished singer and The Masked Singer could serve as a chance to reinvent.

I still have no idea how Lindsay Lohan would ever guess a name like Deni Hines, but let the guessing games continue…



  1. I’m looking forward to this show too and I haven’t watched a singing show since YTT back in the 80s! The only downside for me is all the songs I’ve seen featured on the ads are downright awful.

  2. The spider singing Toxic is Kate Miller Heidke if I remember she released it as a B side or a single years ago. You can pick the operatic sounds in it. It isn’t Bonnie Anderson she can sing but not like that. Actually Danni Minogue has lived a lot of her life since the birth of her son back in Australia and she wanted to bring her son up here.

      • That is because on the Masked Singer the do change the audio so it wouldn’t sound the same. Bonnie Anderson doesn’t have the operatic range which you clearly here. Also around the same time Britains Got Talent: Championships were on and she was also going on that.

  3. I think they will use a lot of their own personalities. Julia Morris is a really good singer, winning It Takes Two. Waleed is musical and Carrie likes to dance. Gorji Coghlan also is a very good singer. I would not be suprised if they get Kylie Minogue, imagine the shock factor with Dannii, priceless. Angela Bishop use to be in a band. Just throwing a few more into the mix.

  4. I can’t wait for this show. I thought the bug was Kate Miller Heidke, but now I’m not so sure.

    I agree the unicorn could be Deni Hines.

    The wolf is a male singing falsetto. I believe that to be Jason Donovan’s voice.

  5. I’ve said before that the only way that Lindsay Lohan would be able to perform her role in this show is if the producers prepare a weekly package for her, giving her an idea of the people that will appear in the show (with perhaps a few red herrings), ideally in the form of past music videos or television performances. I would like to be surprised and imagine that globally known stars will appear, but given the calibre of the judges, I am not optimistic.

    Hell if the general Australian public know who Deni Hines is. According to the data I can find on her, she had one moderately successful single in 1995, one moderately successful album in 1996, and nothing she has released since has cracked the top 30, with many of her releases falling out the top 100 completely. Is her work on rotation at all on radio or TV?

      • I’ve never even heard of the Rockmelons. It seems that have had a few successful singles in 1991-1992, and their earlier albums were quite successful, but they seem to have dropped off the radar since, and I can’t say that I am even vaguely familiar with their music.

        I merely know of Hines as Marcia’s daughter, and Marcia’s catalogue is primarily comprised of covers, with rather few original tracks to her name, so I can’t say that I am familiar with her work either, and she is/was a household name, at least during her Idol days.

        Perhaps I’m just a little too young to remember them, but I have my doubts that anyone under 40 will be familiar with Hines’s or Rockmelons’ work, which is perhaps alienating much of 10’s target audience.

        • Glass Portcullis

          Speaking as somebody in my late 30s (37 in a couple of days), I’m definitely familiar with Deni Hines & The Rockmelons.

          And Marcia Hines has been a household name since waaay before her Idol days, having been an original cast member (Melbourne) of Jesus Christ Superstar in the early 70s

        • This is another Patti Newton style “I don’t know who they are, so they can’t possibly famous” comment, and is just tiresome.

          The fact that the names being bandied around in these comments are not the usual 10 stalwarts makes me want to watch.

        • This is what happens when people only refer to wikipedia and such. Marcia Hines was far more than a covers singer, she was pretty much a household name.
          The Rockmelons were played on Radio quite a lot in the mid to late nineties. So yes more familiar to people over 40, but she also continued releasing songs and being on TV/Radio in the 2000s as well as touring.

        • You have seriously underrated Marcia Hines. Yes she records mainly covers these days, however she has recorded countless originals over the five decades she had been performing. In my possibly biased opinion, her covers are more often than not far superior to the original artists version.

  6. This could possibly be the worst show ever to screen on televison. B grade celebrities miming to songs that they have previously recorded while wearing animal masks? Just get The Amazing race AU on.

  7. Channel 10 has had some ripper promos lately. The survivor one and one of the romance shows (bachelor island or something) were pretty awesome, this one is great too

      • No no, they were definitely on an island. Earlier in the year. It was about a man and a woman who were on a previous dating show, but hadn’t seen each other since, and there was a lot of awkwardness. It almost made me watch the show.


        • It was bachelor in paradise! (A show where former Australian contestants from the bachelor and bachelorette are put up on an island, some of them having met before and some of them not having met and sometimes the interactions are awkward, awesome, boring, funny) and I know the ad you are referring to, and that episode was great

  8. I reckon KAK is singing the Lady Gaga song. I’m pretty sure I won’t watch this but I’ll still be interested in who’s uncovered. Apart from Danni the other hosts are not my thing at all and I still don’t understand the cultural cringe that we think we need a washed up international artist. I guess it rates so there’s my answer.

  9. “I still have no idea how Lindsay Lohan would ever guess a name like Deni Hines”. That’s always been my thought too David. The cost of bringing her out here for this, how on earth is she going to be an effective judge in the guessing part?! Seems strange to me…

  10. I just watched the clip before reading the post, and I really have no idea who any of them are, but now that you mention it, yes it could very well be Deni. And agree Deni is a great singer, but not as good as mum Marcia, nobody is as good as Marcia ?…well Tina Arena comes very close. Dannii Minogue is looking a million dollars, and LiLo and Jackie O look great too. Looking forward to this, the production looks awesome !

  11. I saw the promo last night and thought that it sounded like either Deni or Marcia.

    There is another one towards the end that I’m certain is Kate Ceberano

  12. In one of the ads for the Masked Singer, Lindsay says something like that she has lack of or limited knowledge of Australian celebrities and that Dave wasn’t helping.

    I didn’t assume at first as I’ve seen and heard of foreigners, albeit not that many, that have an unexpected curious interest and surprising knowledge of the Australian entertainment and arts scene too.

    • I bet that Lindsay knows quite a lot of Aussie stars, but I’m still not sure if it’s still enough…it won’t be wild guesses, but it is unlikely to be really correct as well.

    • Danni Minogue has lived much of her life in England, so she’s note going to be overly familiar with some of the b-grade celebrities either.

    • Apparently Lindsay is somewhat nerdy and a real swat and has been frantically taking notes and researching the hell out of Australian celebrities, good on her, but I still don’t get why she was hired for the job.

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