Jane Hutcheon to depart ABC

One Plus One host Jane Hutcheon is departing her ABC interview show after a nine year run.

The intimate half hour chat launched in 2010 as part of ABC News 24,  and has featured a long list of personalities. But it has never particularly been afforded a timeslot deserving of its conversation.

On her website Hutcheon announced:

“After nine years and five hundred interviews, I will be leaving One Plus One – and the ABC – in mid September 2019.

“I’d like to say that my mainstream journalism career as a reporter, foreign correspondent and presenter has been a complete privilege. One Plus One is my baby and you don’t leave something you’ve created without a heavy heart. This was my decision alone.

“I’m leaving because I need challenge. After years of learning from my interviewees, inspiring people who have created vibrant lives from the realities life deals, I too, want to be a little bit brave. I’ll be working on my own projects, collaborations and will continue to leading tours with Renaissance Tours and the Art Gallery Society of NSW.

One Plus One will continue at ABC, initially with guest presenters, before a yet-to-be announced replacement.

“I will be curating a collection of my favourite interviews from over the years and for my final program (date TBC) – you asked for it – I will be the interviewee!,” Hutcheon added.

“Much more to come … xx”


  1. This is the best interview show on TV. Its style and content are so much better than Andrew Denton’s which I find a drag because of its pause-now-to-wait-for-audience-applause moments. Some of the guests have been inspirational in their honesty and courage.

    Glad to see it when people like Jane decide to strike out onto new ventures rather than being pushed out. Thank goodness the ABC exists is all I can add.

  2. daveinprogress

    That is a sad announcement. Jane will be sorely missed. She is a terrific journalist and presenter and a really lovely human being. I crossed paths with her a lot over the years and always found her a great person to be around and the consummate professional. Whatever Jane throws her energy into, it will be a substantial endeavour. I wish her all the best for this next chapter of her glorious career.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Oh wow….first Virginia and now Jane….I have also followed her for a long time….when she reported from China….I wish her well…..I hope to connect with her again …on media…in the not too distant future.

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