Lindsay Lohan “resting,” out of HYBPA? appearance.

Masked Singer judge was due to make a guest appearance but has been replaced with Matt Agnew.

Lindsay Lohan was due to appear on Have You Been Paying Attention? tomorrow on 10 but is now out.

Lohan, who is a judge on The Masked Singer, was set to record her appearance tonight.

A Network 10 spokesperson told TV Tonight,  “Unfortunately Lindsay Lohan is no longer able to appear on Have You Been Paying Attention? Lindsay will rest up and return to the set of The Masked Singer Australia on Tuesday.

“But never fear, The Bachelor Matt Agnew is set to break hearts and bring the laughs as Guest Quizmaster on Monday’s show.”

Lohan is never short of a headline, including during her already-brief time in Australia.

The Masked Singer was filming as recently as yesterday in Sydney.

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  1. You’d think Channel 10 would have learnt after they wasted big money on “controversial” Tom Arnold for I’m A Celebrity, only to get a car crash whimper of a performance.

    But no – let’s make the same foolhardy decision again .

    And again … and again …

      1. Let’s get real here.

        If the general calibre of “celebrities” on Channel 10 are any indication, as indicated on the likes of I’m A Celebrity and Celebrity Name Game, most of the “celebrities” will likely be radio hosts, Angie and Yvie, out-of-work ex-talent show contestants desperate for the appearance fee, and the cast of The Bachelor/ette.

        The other night on Celebrity Name Game, which just happened to be on in the background, I didn’t know anybody. Not even vaguely.

        Lohan will most likely receive a package on a weekly basis with all of the participants, and will simply have to guess who from the package is behind the mask for that week’s episode. Frankly, Lohan’s the most famous person that perhaps 10 have ever had on these types of shows. They would be remiss to not use her in Celebrity Name Game while she’s in the country.

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