MasterChef rumours: Curtis Stone?

Curtis Stone, 2012 winner Andy Allen and an “unnamed female” are the latest named rumoured for 2020 MasterChef judges.

The Herald Sun teased the names in a speculative piece on Friday. They differ somewhat from the names Who magazine declared last month: Maggie Beer, Curtis Stone, and Poh Ling Yeow.

According to the latest report Poh Ling Yeow, Sarah Todd or Julie Goodwin are not on the list, while several cook-offs would be held in California, where Stone has restaurants.

“I’ve got some pretty crazy time commitments in the US but getting back over here and being a part of it and dropping in and out of the show has been really fun,” Stone said.

He added that negotiating time needed for filming would be very tough.

“I’ve got a pretty full schedule back in the States, but you never know.”

Filming for the series will begin sooner rather than later meaning 10 will need to confirm its new line-up in coming weeks, with the network Upfronts due in early October.

A 10 spokesperson said, “We are still casting and no decision has been made.”


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I still like Alastair McLeod ….good personality and chef…but like everyone else…does he want to sideline his life now…for Masterchef….big ask for anyone…TV shows can fail overnight….

  2. Yes, I think the Coles connection as a sponsor means we can almost certainly say Curtis will be on the show. I’m not an avid Masterchef watcher, but I would support the show of Kylie was on it, as I have a new admiration/respect for her after hearing her life story on Anh’s Brush With Fame recently

  3. jezza the first original one

    It sounds like ch10 are making this up as they go along. GGM will be missed, but I think that they were also ready for a change

  4. 10 needs to get the balance just right. Either way, this could be the renaissance that the series has long needed. I feel that it’s been stagnant for much too long, and after all these years, the three judges had never endeared themselves to me, and their overuse of stock phrases had worn very thin.

    I imagine Curtis Stone would be much too busy, especially on such short notice. I can see him making guest appearances, but full-time is perhaps a bit too much to ask.

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