Mixed reception for Saturday Night Rove

10 unveiled Saturday Night Rove last night, the first of 6 Live to Air entertainment specials hosted by the Gold Logie winner.

10 piloted a Saturday night format last year, and staged the new series in its Sydney studios, with guests Jessica Mauboy, Luke McGregor, Anthony Callea and Venezuelan comedian Ivan Aristeguieta.

Many were happy to see a return to Saturday entertainment with a familiar face. It was an intimate grab-bag of segments and ideas, removed from the traditional Tonight show, which made for an uneven start.

Points to 10 for bringing back live Saturday telly ….will 6 weeks be enough to find its feet?

On social media the response was divided, with some questioning the timeslot suitability. Amongst supporters were:

But there was criticism too:


  1. Jeez, cut the bloke some slack. Live TV is terrifying and so easy to get wrong; sounds like they got a lot right and will no doubt improve. The bit I caught was good – Ivan?, the standup – but agree the disembodied voice of Judith Lucy was just weird. Maybe I will catch some of the repeat tonight.

    • No sorry, i don’t believe someone should be ‘cut some slack’ just for producing a new show, especially someone who has been in the TV industry for this many years. TV is a cut throat business, he would be well aware of that going into it. I and it seems many others, expected better from him.

  2. It was very ‘meh’. I agree with the comments about Judith Lucy, she seemed somewhat unnecessary especially with the panel of the people off to the side who could fill that roll and were seemingly underutilised.

    It’s almost a flaw of these types of shows being live, particularly on a weekend, as the guests have to free and willing to come at that time. Shows like The Late Late Show have big name guests as most are from LA or are visiting. It’s audio recorded during the day, fewer guests would be interested if it were night. ‘Rove Live (at time of recording)’, nothing wrong with that title!

    A music preformance would be good when you have singers as guests. It’s a pretty standard fare when you have a guest like Jessica Mauboy on talking about her latest album to also perform a song from it.

    I actually suspect Rove may have been limited a bit budget wise by Channel Ten,…

    • That could be a large part of the problems with this show, limitations placed by Ten (or CBS) on its budget. The US is a completely different market though, guests would be well paid enough to lure them in.

  3. I wish I had gone out too like the guy who’s door they knocked at the start. He was a wise man. I like Rove but this was directionless and cobbled together like a late night show on community TV. The best bit about it was the commercials.

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