New studio looks to streaming, social media.

Former SKY News reporter Ahron Young has announced a new Melbourne-based production business, Ticker, producing content for streaming and social media platforms.

Opening a studio in Bourke Street, Young told TV Tonight, Ticker will produce two Live daily shows covering business, technology, innovation, media & aviation.

“For about three years I’ve been watching a company called Cheddar in the US. They have a studio on the floor of the NYSE and began was a simple Facebook Live. Over the last three years they have gone on to create 17 hours of content a day, streamed via an app, Apple TV, Google etc etc. A few months back they got bought out for $200m.” he said.

“It made me think of Australia. We have the big broadcasters doing live content, streaming services doing pre-recorded content, but no-one doing a proper streaming service that is live and designed for iPhones, iPads and Apple TV. In the US, it’s really taking off, but here there’s a massive gap in the market.

“Obviously news is over-saturated in Australia. But with Your Money closing, and a huge start-up community, I decided that was my focus. After 17 years covering crime and drama, I’m done. It’s time to do something positive and create something, and support people.”

Ticker will target Under 45 year olds. Breaking news will publish free on Facebook, Twitter and Periscope, with a further subscription model through an app to launch in coming weeks.

“But we won’t just be business and tech news. In the afternoons, we’ll be broadcasting a music / entertainment show, and once a month we’ll feature a live performance from our headquarters at YBF Ventures in Bourke Street.”

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  1. Will miss Ahron on Sky News but gathered his time was coming to an end with no Melbourne daytime presenter…
    I want news hits not the drum during the day. New presenter has nothing on Ahron or David Speers

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