Rove guest host on Celebrity Name Game due to Grant Denyer illness

Updated: More illness, this time in Bali, sees Grant Denyer replaced by Rove McManus on 10 game show.

Rove McManus is guest-hosting on Celebrity Name Game from tonight due to Grant Denyer being unwell again.

“Who knew an innocent family holiday in Bali would end with me flat on my back again?” Denyer said in a statement.

“But the show must go on, and I owe Rove McManus a big thank you for stepping in to my small shoes and hosting Celebrity Name Game for a short stint. A consummate professional, household name and all-around top bloke, it’s no wonder they chose Rove to take over while I take some time to recover. The fact that Rove fits my wardrobe is only an added-bonus.”

Updated: He is understood to have been laid up due to a stomach parasite.

Denyer’s back issues resurfaced in March due to an injury on his farm, causing him to take time out from Dancing with the Stars, radio commitments and delaying Celebrity Name Game recordings.

It isn’t clear how severe problems became during a Bali holiday, which appeared to be in July, post-Logies, after a stressful few months and during radio non-ratings.

Rove McManus, who will soon be hosting Saturday Night Rove for 10, will host the early evening game show for two weeks. The alternative would have been repeat episodes, but that would have surely copped criticism.

The move may however put extra scrutiny on the ratings numbers… as they say in the media, you never take a holiday in radio in case your replacement just happens to be an improvement.

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  1. The great Tony Barber was way too over the top also but he was a success. I guess television was better back in those days where the medium was used for entertaining whereas today it is used for informing people.

  2. Watching it now. I never realised I missed Rove. I’m not hating the game show Celebrity Name Game. It could be worse. But no matter how good it is Judge Judy wins on 10 Bold. If she were guest hosting CNG I might watch the whole episode. I’m definitely watching Rove’s Saturday night show that’s coming soon.

  3. I was surprised to see him tonight too. Grant has grown on me. He just gets a bit excitable. Rove is more subtle. I did think to myself he looked like he was wearing his Roves clothes too.

  4. He was on Instagram 2 days ago video…standing in the snow on his property with his daughter….News site posted…either ABC News or News.com.au….I guess the shows are filmed somewhat ahead.

  5. I love my game shows and hate to be Debbie downer but Grant just spoils it with his silly antics. He isn’t funny and just way too over the top for me. Looking forward to seeing Rove take over

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