Russell Hantz in odd rant at Australian Survivor

US Survivor villain Russell Hantz has taken aim at Australian Survivor in a YouTube video, accusing the show of behind-the-scenes luxuries that belie the show’s punishing conditions.

Hantz was a big get for the Champions vs Contenders season last year but became a fizzer, embarrassingly voted out at his first Tribal Council.

In this video (from 4:40 mins) he accuses the Aussie series of using luxuries including toilets, toilet paper, bottled water, and fruit every day.

“This isn’t how Survivor’s played. They play for 50 days and act like it’s a big deal. It’s 50 days of camping. Who can’t do that? If you want to be part of the Survivor family, then get it together,” he said.

Sources tell TV Tonight contestants only eat what they earn on the show outside of rice and bean rations, while waste management systems at the camps avoids damaging the Fijian environment.

Hantz, who was also absent at the show’s finale / reunion, has unleashed 12 months to the day after he was voted out, suggesting any contract limits had now expired.

But maybe the answer to the question “It’s 50 days of camping. Who can’t do that?” is … umm, you?



  1. It was hilarious to watch the last season of Amazing Race which was AR vs Survivor vs Big Brother contestants and all the Survivor contestants crashed out – amazed at how hard it actually was and having to do stuff all day every day and not just front up for the odd game and playing on the beach.

  2. Wouldn’t surprise me if there is some truth in his claims. We all know by now that with reality shows, what we see on screen is not always accurate.

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