Screen Producers Awards 2019: nominees

Wentworth, Five Bedrooms, The Heights, The Hunting, Lambs of God, Bloom, Hard Quiz, Rosehaven and Bluey are amongst nominees announced in the Screen Producers’Australia Awards 2019.

This year the number of nominees in some categories has risen dramatically, at up to 8 in Drama Series, with 54 production businesses recognised across 12 categories of film, television and interactive productions.

“The quality of Australian screen content produced by the independent sector continues to grow each year and I’m exceptionally pleased to see that the work our members are creating is being exported to audiences across the globe,” said Screen Producers’ Australia CEO Matthew Deaner.

“I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank all our members who took the time to enter the awards and I look forward to celebrating with you at Screen Forever 2019.”

Winners will be announced at Melbourne’s Forum Theatre on November 14 during the Screen Forever conference.

TV and related categories:

Drama Series Production of the Year
• Doctor Doctor, Easy Tiger Productions
• Wentworth, Fremantle
• Five Bedrooms, Hoodlum
• Tidelands, Hoodlum
• Glitch, Matchbox Pictures
• The Heights, Matchbox Pictures & For Pete’s Sake Productions
• Bloom, Playmaker Media
• Diary of an Uber Driver, Revlover Films

Telemovie or Mini Series Production of the Year
• The Hunting, Closer Productions
• The Cry, December Media
• Fighting Season, Goalpost Pictures
• Lambs of God, Lingo Pictures
• On the Ropes, Lingo Pictures
• Les Norton, Roadshow Rough Diamond

Comedy Program or Series Production of the Year
• Mr Black, CJZ
• Get Krack!n, Guesswork Television & Katering Productions
• Squinters, Jungle Entertainment
• The Family Law, Matchbox Pictures
• How To Stay Married, Princess Pictures
• Rosehaven, What Horse? & Guesswork Television

Light Entertainment Series Production of the Year
• Grand Designs Australia, Fremantle
• The Recording Studio, Fremantle
• Restoration Australia, Fremantle
• Australia’s Got Talent, Fremantle
• The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, Thinkative Television
• Hard Quiz, Thinkative Television

Children’s Series Production of the Year
• Drop Dead Weird, Ambience Entertainment & Air Pig Productions
• Random and Whacky, Ambience Entertainment
• Project Planet, Emerald Films & Metamorflix
• Mustangs FC, Matchbox Pictures
• Nowhere Boys: The Battle for Negative Space, Matchbox Pictures
• Hardball, Northern Pictures

Animated Series Production of the Year
• Dumbotz, Blue Rocket Productions
• Bluey, Ludo Studio

Documentary Program or Series Production of the Year
• Blue Water Empire, Bunya Productions
• Body Hack, Essential Media Group
• Family Rules, Metamorflix
• Secret Life of Death, Mint Pictures
• Magical Land of Oz, Northern Pictures
• Employable Me, Northern Pictures
• Outback Truckers, Prospero Productions
• Australian Crime Stories, The Full Box

Online Series Production of the Year
• Patricia Moore, Cobbstar Productions
• Location Scouts, Goalpost Pictures
• Robbie Hood, Ludo Studio and Since 1788 Productions
• A Chance Affair, Noble Savage Pictures
• Superwog, Princess Pictures
• Lucy & DiC, We Made a Thing

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