Sunday Night: Aug 11

On Sunday Night a former MAFS participant tells Melissa Doyle she has become a “total recluse” in a story on dealing with anxiety.

Beauty And The Bomb
Penthouse model Simone Starr made headlines in 1998 when a parcel bomb addressed to her exploded, seriously injuring her bodybuilder boyfriend, Brett Boyd. Boyd was badly disfigured in the blast. He killed himself ten years later. The bomb blew the lid off Sydney’s violent criminal underworld. Fearing for her life, Simone fled the country. In a Sunday Night exclusive, Simone Starr reveals the truth about her notorious life, admitting to correspondent Alex Cullen that she’s lucky to be alive.

Age Of Anxiety
Anxiety… It can strike anyone… anywhere… any time. It’s terrifying. It’s also very common. More than two million Australians live with anxiety. But such is the stigma of the condition, only a brave few will talk about it. As Sunday Night host and senior correspondent Melissa Doyle discovers, anxiety doesn’t discriminate. It can even affect those who live their lives squarely in the public eye.

Outback Bash
Birdsville’s Big Red Bash is like no other rock concert in the world. There’s music, mateship and a few thousand tents and campervans. There’s also red dirt as far as the eye can see. What could be more Australian than that? Sunday Night correspondent Matt Doran headed deep into the Simpson Desert to join the party.

Sunday at 8.30pm on Seven.


  1. I could’ve sworn that 60 Minutes is airing a similar story to Beauty and the Bomb as an “exclusive” on Sunday night and Seven is copying them. There has occurred several times as exposed by Media Watch, especially when it comes to Seven’s “Sunday Night”. I personally feel that this is Seven copying Nine, like “The Super Switch” was a plagiarised version of “Married At First Sight” (both are garbage by the way). Everyone is copying each other when it comes to stories such as these, but Seven and Nine are the worst offenders here.

    But you have to remember that Nine is not innocent of copying Seven either. Remember “The Hotplate”, which was a blatant example of plagiarism which went to court, and Seven got an injunction preventing a second season as “The Hotplate” was plagiarising “My Kitchen Rules”?

  2. The old Seven policy…..

    If you can’t beat them copy them, and when that fails you turn around and knock them.

    It hasn’t been very successful in the past. It’s just another example of sour grapes.

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