The Living Room: Aug 16

Eww.. this week on The Living Room Chris Brown is on the hunt for “whale snot,” and Amanda Keller calls on Miguel Maestre to make a feast worthy of her A-List friends.

Take Home Barry with Barry Du Bois: Kid’s Cowboy Party
Whilst wondering through the aisles of Bunnings, Barry finds Kendall, who’s planning a cowboy party for her daughter Kirby. Together, they lasso some key items from Bunnings and around the house to create a themed party that transports Kirby and her friends to the Wild West.

Travel with Chris Brown: Whale Snot
Teaming up with Dr Vanessa Pirotta, Chris sets sail to sniff out a precious ocean commodity- whale snot. Vital for researching the health of whales, whale snot is nothing to blow your nose at!

Food/Celebrity with Miguel Maestre & Amanda Keller: Palm Beach
Amanda wants to whip up a feast for her good friends, who just so happen to be the stars and director of the new Australian film, Palm Beach. Before she out every pot and pan, she enlists the help of Miguel to cook up an A-List worthy spread.

7:30pm Friday on 10.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Gaz, the issue here was that Baz was ” wondering ” through the aisles according to the news release… The correct spelling is ” wandering ” in this instance, do you agree ?
    And the fact that people take such little care in their work is worth commenting on I reckon. I’m hopeful someone there will actually try and lift their game…

  2. thedirtydigger

    The Living Room …and the usual illiteracy of the show’s infantile news release strikes again.
    ” Whilst ( who actually says that anymore? ) wondering through the aisles… Actually Baz may have been wandering down the aisles.
    And if you think he ” found ” someone ( who has a name suspiciously similar to a Pokemon character) who wasn’t planted there for the story then you must still believe in Santa Claus.
    And what does this mean ? “Before she out every pot and pan … ”
    Really does an illiterate 6 year old write this drivel and worse still – who proof reads it ?
    And if you are going to promote the stars of the new movie Palm Beach , Name Them ! Is it Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward , Sam Neill etc ?
    Because if it is, then you are doing yourself a great disservice by not promoting what you have to offer viewers.
    As for Whale Snot, I can’t think of a more turn off worthy…

    • Whilst is still part of the English language and very appropriate when used in the right context. It is also possible to wander through aisles, not only up or down them 😉

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