The Living Room: Aug 23

Tonight on The Living Room Miguel and Chris take a food lovers’ tour of Memphis.

Reno Rescue With Barry Du Bois: RR5 Snooze Bedroom
Tahni and Brett’s love for renovation TV shows has seen them start a string of renos- none of which are finished! Their ambitious plans were too overwhelming, leaving a path of half-finished DIY’s in their way. Barry gives them the tools they need to finish off their reno jobs, showing them how to set a plan, putting up walls and even selecting colour choices. After helping them finish their bedroom, Baz is confident the couple will be ready to take on the whole house.

Travel & Food With Chris Brown & Miguel Maestre: Memphis: Meal Ticket to Memphis
Chris takes Miguel on an eating excursion of Memphis. Cruising around in a black Cadillac Deville, the pair head to Memphis’ oldest food establishment and Elvis’s favourite spot, The Arcade Restaurant. Up next on the tour is Hattie’s, a rundown joint famous for its hand-mixed hot tamales. The last stop is The Flying Fish, where Chris swaps a Big Mouth Billy Bass for a basket of fried catfish.

7:30pm tonight on 10.

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