The Masked Singer: promo

10 has released its first peek at mystery / singing show The Masked Singer.

Fetauring Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue, Jackie O, Dave Hughes and host Osher Günsberg, a premiere date is yet to be announced.

Hidden behind TV’s most elaborate disguises, 12 celebrities wait for their moment to take the stage, sing for their lives and blow you away.

In what is set to be the most joyous viewing of the week, The Masked Singer Australia will have you hooked with bonkers performances, mind-bending clues and insane reveals.

Leading the nation’s biggest guessing game is a crack unit of powerhouse detectives: Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Dave Hughes.

With mystery celebrities coming from Australia and around the world to perform, the panel must use their combined showbiz know-how to unravel who is behind the mask.

And did we mention that not all of the celebrities are singers? Yep, better make that guessing pool a little bit wider. Your favourite singer’s claim to fame could be from another field altogether.

Hosted by Osher Günsberg, The Masked Singer Australia will make you smile, drive you crazy and leave you wanting more.


  1. Looks to be an expensive Eisteddfod version of a community show, too distracting. I will tune in if Lindsay Lohan can organise her Mean Girls co-stars and do Santa Baby.

  2. I wonder if it’d rate the same if the celebrities worse hessian sacks over their heads?
    Should be a live show with the costumes adjusted to fit a small mic inside. A singing contest must be live to get the audience more involved. I think it should be just like Idol, audiences being able to text vote and we find out the celebrity as they depart/eventually win.

  3. Hmm from that, I’m getting
    Spider – Samatha Jade
    Wolf – Stan Walker
    Lion – Marcia Hines
    I’ll be watching, looks a hoot! (is there an owl??)

  4. Once again reminded of why Jackie O ought to stick to radio. Some may be inclined to think that off-screen presentation would translate well to the screen but Jackie O and Kyle have demonstrated time and time again that it simply doesn’t work. It beggars belief that they keep getting television work given their horrid track records. Don’t producers ever learn?

    And similarly, Hughes is so out of his depth when it comes to these sorts of shows. I think Casey Donovan would have been a good choice of judge. A left-field choice such as Barry Humphreys as Dame Edna would be a fun addition, but unlikely given his age and the presumably ghastly amount of time he’d have to spend in make-up each day.

    I feel that 10 have shot themselves in the foot with their choice of judges and I expect similar numbers to Sunday Night Takeaway.

    • You just need to look at the US series to know that the mask they wear isn’t a typical mask that you would use to cover your face, there’s a mesh opening towards between the neck and chin area on most of the characters to assist with singing, talking, and communicating.

  5. harrypotter1994

    Why would Ten upload the video in 240p in 2019? Not the best way to promote your new product.

    I see this one doing well for Ten. Not sure if people will stick around for more than one season though.

  6. I loved loved loved the American version. Aussie version looks good so far from the adds. I am still wondering if it is just going to be Aussie acts or have they brought overseas singers in??

    • Yeah, this was a head scratcher for me.
      I’m not sure if anyone actually confirmed there were people from overseas who were on the show but I assume that’s why they brought Lindsay to Australia for the show (that and Nicole Scherzinger was literally next door filming AGT for a rival network) but it’ll interesting to see who stays and who goes.

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