Tom Gleeson responds to Tracy Grimshaw

"I know Tracy Grimshaw had a bit of a whinge .... but I got nothing but non-stop praise."

Tom Gleeson has responded to pointed remarks from A Current Affair presenter Tracy Grimshaw, who called his Gold Logie speech “smug” and “graceless”.

Speaking yesterday to Ben Fordham’s 2GB as he plugged Hard Quiz he said, “There were various people who aired their views, and I know Tracy Grimshaw had a bit of a whinge on Channel Nine, but I got nothing but non-stop praise from the people who watched it at home.

“So it’s hard for me to feel anything other than pride.”

A Current Affair‘s own Facebook page ran a poll asking whether Gleeson was a “Hero” or “Villain,” but the results ran in his favour.

“Tracy, if you’re listening, I recommend you probably get in touch with your audience and what they do and don’t like, ‘cos they think I’m a Hero,” he added.


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  1. Pride cometh before a fall.

    Tracy Grimshaw’s contributions have assisted in her being on successful shows on Australia TV in various stints for 20 years.

    And she has always been presented as likeable and respected by both public and the media alike.

    Unlike so many others who fell by the wayside, often because of their own arrogance.

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