“A special place in hell”: Sam Armytage hits back at magazine (again)

Samantha Armytage has hit out at Woman’s Day after a story, “Samantha Armytage officially meets her new boyfriend’s daughters.”

The magazine included paparazzi photos of a private lunch with unnamed sources weighing in.

The clearly unimpressed Sunrise host tweeted, “There’s a special place in hell for the people who work @WomansDayAus ?” and took to Instagram, adding Daily Mail into the mix.

She added, “Not looking for sympathy here, just setting the record straight.”

Armytage, like a number of other morning TV presenters, is frequently in the crosshairs of magazine gossip and has previously hit back at headlines before at Woman’s Day, Daily Mail and News Corp (there’s no word of New Idea published by Seven West Media’s Pacific Mags). In 2016 she was issued an apology by Daily Mail.

In 2014 she told TV Tonight, “Sometimes it puzzles me how certain things turn up as stories.

“But it’s a 24 hour media isn’t it? They’ve got to come up with stuff all the time.

“My life has become ‘turned over’ shall we say… interesting…”

“With the job I do I’m a pretty open book. There’s a lot of stuff I share. But in my private life you don’t want to share everything.”

Meanwhile a deleted tweet from Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholomew has been making its own news today.


  1. Samantha Armytage lecturing anyone on journalism ethics? Please, spare me.
    She is part of the Sunrise team that gave Pauline Hanson a willing and unquestioning platform – for years. Where were the journalism ethics in that, Sam?
    And what about as recently as Monday when Barnaby Joyce was allowed on your show to repeat his blatant lies about the Pro-Choice rally in Sydney, that again went unquestioned? Sam, might be a good idea to check your MEAA Code of Ethics as you didn’t adhere to them. Yet again.
    What about the calls for a New Stolen Generation, on your same show. Again, unquestioned. And this list of infractions can go on and on.
    Samantha Armytage has happily operated within a big glasshouse for years – unquestioned. I don’t think she is even remotely qualified to ever lead the charge of throwing stones at other media over ethics and standards. What hypocrisy!

    • What rubbish!! Sam is a host of the show, not producer. Its the behind the scenes people who choose the guests. Sam asks the questions and they get a right of reply. its a big difference to what the trash mags and websites do, just make up stories and stalk the celebs.

      • As the host of the show, she is the journalist asking the questions, directing the conversations and interacting with the people on the show. She rarely holds people to account as they spout garbage (like Hanson) or blatant lies (Joyce). Therefore, she is indeed significantly responsible for the content and does have a case to answer in terms of what Sunrise presents.

        • So what you are saying is she deserves to be stalked and her privacy invaded because you think she is a poor journo. You say Hanson and Joyce spout garbage and lies but that is just opinion,not necessary fact. Journos are supposed to be unbiased. Lets not forget that when Kochie took Hanson to task he got hammered in the media. Sunrise dumped her and she now has a platform on Today.

  2. Just while on the subject of Sam, I notice over the last few weeks she seems to be working 4 day week like Koshie does. Wonder if she has a new contract as well??

  3. Look I don’t buy these magazines but when i’m at the supermarket I flick through them. Seriously every week it’s the same stuff. Meghan and Harry getting a divorce, or Kate is pregnant again, Bec and Lleyton are either pregnant, fighting or not happy, Brad and Jennifer back together.

    In saying that though what Sam is complaining about wasn’t a made up story. Yes she should be able to go out and enjoy a lunch with her partner and I am assuming that if it was his daughters then they shouldn’t be caught up getting photographed either.

    I would have thought last week she would have got more annoyed at the stories of her supposedly going engagement ring shopping. But if that was in no idea magazine then she won’t complain about them as they are part of 7.

  4. I can’t help but think these things are best starved of oxygen and that her social media rantings about them actually give them more oxygen and keep them alive longer.
    Case in point, this tv tonight item is about Sam’s response, rather than the offending article, which to be honest, had I not seen this post I’d have been none the wiser about.

  5. I agree. Just look at what’s on the covers of these trashy magazines: Meghan Markle’s secret daughter on one cover, and another has Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie getting back together. I personally believe that we need to stop buying New Idea, Woman’s Day, NW, Who, etc.as well as shows like Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Daily Edition, Today, Today Extra, etc. because they are (in the words of a certain American who shall remain nameless on this discussion board) “fake news” .

    By the way, a couple of years ago, Media Watch did a story on celebrity photos, and the Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie ‘picture’ on the cover of one of the mags this week may be different photos that has been spliced together to make it seem real.

    • I became so disgusted with the crap published by these rags that I stopped buying them years ago. Honesty and decency in publishing seems to have disappeared – as someone else has stated, they make up stories about anyone they like, and the general public encourages them by buying the bloody mags! Yet if a celeb takes them to task about publishing “fake news”, they immediately get berated and told to suck it up, as being in the public eye, they have no rights over what’s written about them! Appalling.

  6. I could’ve sworn she also named The Sunday Telegraph or Daily Telegraph, not sure which one, originally? I think Sam needs to practice what she preaches.

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