Airdate: The All New Monty: Ladies Night

The All New Monty: Ladies Night is coming to Seven later this month as eight female celebrities go topless for women’s health awareness, particularly breast cancer.

Host Georgie Parker has rallied an extraordinary group of women to join her on this mission.

Nadia Bartel – Fashion Icon
Simone Callahan – Yoga Guru
Lisa Curry – Swimming Legend
Casey Donovan – Singing/Theatre Star
Rachael Finch – TV Presenter/Entrepreneur
Ella Hooper – Award-winning Singer/Songwriter
Lynne McGranger – TV & Screen Legend

Choreographer extraordinaire Todd McKenney, who put the men on Monty through their rhythmic paces, will mastermind the women’s show-stopping routine.

The Real Full Monty was the number one new show of 2018 with 2 million people tuning in to see eight famous men perform the iconic strip tease and shine a light on men’s health.

The standard has been set and the ladies will have a lot to prove when they take to the stage for their own empowering moment of glory.

7pm Sunday September 29 on Seven.


  1. Why persist with the ‘Full Monty’ tag which must cost a bit to use when it is all heavily censored. Todd McKenney must be Seven’s new go to when Shane Jacobsen is busy. Is Australia really that lacking in talent that there are about 10-12 people over all the networks that keep popping up on every show? There is an idea for a new reality show. Find a Host.

  2. Traditionally, non-sexualised depictions of bare breasts are okay at PG (and in very rare cases the G rating), though more often than not, breasts seem to get slapped with an M rating nowadays regardless of context/brevity etc., though I doubt that the women on show would want to have a permanent record of their bare breasts broadcast.

    I haven’t watched any of these Full Monty specials, so I cannot attest to the extent of what has been shown onscreen, though I can’t see Seven being gutsy enough to show anything that could arouse outrage from family groups.

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