Airdate: The Countdown To Australia’s Top Dog

Seven special, The Countdown To Australia’s Top Dog (formerly titled Australia’s Favourite Dogs) hosted by Sam Mac will screen next week.

The 90-minute special will countdown through 25 dog breeds with input from Seven personalities.

Seven has lots of dogs in the mix with Dogs Behaving (Very) Badly and upcoming Pooch Perfect tipped for 2020.

From Luke Darcy’s Staffy with a well-known namesake to boast, to Pete Evans’ Poodle, Kylie Gillies’ Frenchies and Molly Meldrum’s famous Maltese Ziggy, we’ll meet celebrities and their beloved canine companions, hear hilarious hound tales and learn about each type of dog along the way.

Sure, everyone has their favourite – you might be crazy for a Cavoodle, love Labradors or perhaps you can’t go past a Pug – but there can only be one top dog.

Tuesday, 24 September at 7.30pm on Seven.


  1. I’m not specifically a dog or a cat liking person. I like them both. Though dogs and cats usually don’t get along and sometimes have separate waiting sections at the vet. But dogs are the more common and more popular pet in Australia, so I can understand more focus on dog programming.

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