Airdate: The Masked Singer

10 has confirmed The Masked Singer for Monday September 23, although it is yet to indicate if it will be on multiple nights.

The show hosted by Osher Günsberg features judges Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Dave Hughes.

The first clue dropped is for the Unicorn who performs Crazy In Love, referring to being the “princess but never the queen.” TV Tonight has previously tipped Deni Hines, daughter of former Queen of Pop, Marcia Hines. Just sayin’…

10 appears to be dropping clues, jungle-style for show promotion, whereas in the US they are delivered in the show itself.

While we can’t officially neigh (oops!), we mean name, our unbelievable Unicorn, we can reveal her clue is: “I have been the princess, but never the queen.”

And speaking of the queen, prepare to be blown away by the Unicorn’s stellar rendition of “Queen B” Beyoncé’s hit track, Crazy In Love.

It seems our crack unit of powerhouse detectives, Lindsay Lohan, Dannii Minogue, Jackie O and Dave Hughes, are just as inquisitive and perplexed about her identity as we are.

While Jackie O ponders whether the rose petals in the Unicorns clue package are of any significance, Dave wonders if they are a nod to the 1999 film American Beauty.

Monday, 23 September at 7.30pm on 10.


  1. What if enough people guess correctly, leading to an anti-climax when the reveal happens? Don’t think it’s the best idea to drop clues before the show starts, I think that goes against the whole premise of the show. But I understand they’re trying to generate interest, which has worked for I’m A Celebrity

  2. I’m here for this show – This looks so silly and bonkers that it’s going to be fun – Don’t care who’s under the masks but I just want to see these silly costumes dance & sing.

    I’d rather watch this than something that feels stupid and contrived – like a MAFS or a Bachelor.

    • I think I agree as well…those Tim Chappel costumes are beautiful and look awesome.

      Still, I feel interested as to who’s behind those masks, but even if many aren’t a-listers it’s great & enjoyable to hear and see them sing and perform in those unomfortable costumes.

  3. I’m sure Lindsay Lohan will lure a few curious viewers, but I suspect that the miscasting of Jackie O and Dave Hughes is going to plunge this into the same hell whence Everybody Dance Now came.

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