Australian Survivor fans donate over $210,000 for Luke Toki

An outpouring of emotion from Australian Survivor fans has led to an extraordinary sum of money pledged for eliminated fan favourite, Luke Toki.

Over $210,000 has been pledged across some 30 separate GoFundMe pages commenced by fans.

The largest has $209,000 for Toki, who is a father of two boys on the autistic spectrum and a daughter with cystic fibrosis.

His exit last night was emotional for both contestants and viewers who had heard him reveal how the win would change his family’s life. It was his second attempt at a win after missing out in 2017 and winning more Immunity challenges than his teammates. The ‘King of the Jungle’ topped a fan poll asking which former contestant should be sent back into Champions v Contenders?

“I was happy when I went to bed last night [and] it was only around $5,000,” Toki told ABC.

“Now, holy shit.

“Maybe it might be better to come fourth and get a GoFundMe page than actually win it.”

He said the donations would allow him to get out of debt and finance the medical needs of his children.

“With that money, you don’t have to think about the costs,” he said. “[My daughter] is already doing trials; it’s the back and forth, up and down to the hospitals, and the medications.

“It feels weird accepting it,” he said, adding that he had donated his earnings from his previous appearance.

“This time I think it is really going to help.”

Updated: Now over $363,000


  1. His appearance on the desk with the guys on The Project certainly would have bumped up the figures. He is so nice and has a good sense of humour. I wish him and his lovely family all the best for the future.

  2. Wow! I was in tears last night watching his demise. Such a fun loving and honest person. I was saddened that he was voted out but in my heart new he wouldn’t win. So glad $200K has been donated. I plan to do it tonight whilst watching the finale ?

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