Bogus ads with celebrities should be removed faster, says Free TV.

Networks want fake ads with celebs taken down as quickly as copyright infringing material.

Bogus advertisements which falsely use celebrities to endorse products and services should be taken down with the same speed as copyright piracy sites, according to Free TV.

Personalities such as Eddie McGuire, Jessica Rowe, Kylie Gillies, Carrie Bickmore, Karl Stefanovic, Sonia Kruger, Lisa Wilkinson, Steve Baxter and shows including The Project, Sunrise, The Morning Show, Shark Tank have all been the subject of fake ads.

In its submission to the ACCC Digital Platforms Inquiry recommendations, Free TV Australia says fake ads should be managed in the same way as copyright infringing material and should be subject to the same mandatory code on takedown.

“Fake advertisements that are permitted to remain online for extended periods because of inadequate takedown processes not only devalue broadcasters’ intellectual property but also significantly damage our business reputations and brands and those of the affected individuals,” it said in its submission.

It questioned a recommendation for an Ombudsman to resolve complaints.

“Ombudsman processes such as the one proposed by the ACCC can take weeks or in some cases months to resolve. Fake advertisements that misuse the identity of third-parties should be expeditiously removed in the same way as copyright infringing material.”

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  1. Yes – I’ve always wondered how they get away with it. More action has to be taken to stop the proliferation of fake ads. Facebook, etc need to do alot more with this sort of stuff, especially seeing there is now a whole lot of people who take everything they read online and in social media as being true and base there opinions on what they read, not knowing if right, wrong or completely twisted and misconstrued.

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